Black Lives Don’t Matter

Karen is an archetype symbolic of all the things folk hate about some women. She knows that you are entitled to her opinion. Second, she also knows that you are the problem. Last, she knows with scientific certainty that the answer is the manager. He’ll fix it so we can be happy. The manager can make us all stop saying that Black Lives Don’t Matter.

The Karen spoken of in this piece is deeply concerned about the fate of downtrodden black men who are prey to evil white cops. She is sure that there are secret meetings in the basement of local pizza places where they choose their young buck to hunt and kill. Karen, here is the thing. Black Lives Don’t Matter to you.

Karen and her friends while chanting “Black Lives Matter” express a hidden message that on some level, black lives don’t matter. There can’t be successful, contented African Americans. The only Black people they acknowledge are oppressed and downtrodden. Karen and her friends spend hours at Cafe Strada fretting over the desperate lives of those living in the Alcatraz Apartments. It’s exciting to fill the street outside the cafe with a cloud of smoke from Gitanes and sip doppio espresso while bemoaning the tragic lives of those living in Peralta Village. They love to show how much they worship Mao and are down for the cause of battling whiteness.

Karen Cares and You Don’t

Karen is all about her brand. She cares and wants to make sure that you know she cares. Her house is a temple to the things you can buy at Whole Foods. She can’t offer you lunch without a 30 minute PowerPoint deck on the work that went into the PBJ stuck to the roof of your mouth. I mean, the cows from Humbolt County on a farm owned by a friend of hers and are fed the trimmings from hemp plants so the milk has a little CBD in it and it’s raw milk, of course. The peanut butter is hand ground by women who live on a collective farm in Santa Cruz. And the jam she gets from a chef retired from Chez Panisse who makes it from wild blackberries collected from briars still growing on Native American land on Albany Hill.

This is how Karen connects to the “Black Lives Matter” slogan. Karen cares about the downtrodden with a high intersectionality score. She believes her words when she screams, “Black Lives Matter” into the face of a white cop. It’s important to Karen that you know this. It’s also important that you know she was on Harrison Street near Fourth in Berkeley painting “Black Lives Matter” on the sidewalk outside Bette’s Diner. She even got a selfie with one of the cooks.

Karen, here is the thing—you can’t chant, “Black Lives Matter” loudly enough, with enough emotion, to gain the approval of CHAZ/CHOP. I know you have a good heart and mean well. I get it that you hate having anything in your nest that isn’t right. None of that matters, baby.

Fight the Whiteness

Baby, you are white. That makes you the reason The Social Justice Party, Sendero Luminoso, Black Lives Matter, and Antifa are miserable. Eliminating you is their answer to ending their misery. You still live because they need you so that they can keep a veneer of being diverse. Soon enough they won’t need the veneer and your whiteness and bougie ways will be what kills you.

I understand, sweetie. You think that the problem is the statues staining the visual landscape. They are a bitter reminder of our ugly past as slave owners and traders. The statues hurt your eyes and trigger you. So getting rid of them will solve it. Your nest will be made safe.

No Safe Nest

It will not, babe. Your nest will not be made safe once the statues are gone. The Social Justice Party is invested in a long game where the only allowed art is work that celebrates Islam and Mao. I saw you seated outside Bette’s Diner. You won’t be able to wear the Martins, fishnets, hot pants and sheer tank top. The pink hair will get shaved off. All that hotness is offensive to the revolutionaries you believe are your friends. There is a burka in your future.

Everything that isn’t Muslim or Mao is offensive to these revolutionaries. Lately, we were told that soap is racist. Soap. You take pride in showing up to work on time, saving and investing wisely, working hard, and planning for the future. All of these are symbols of your white privilege and consequent deep racism.

Girl, listen, I understand. You want to make the world a better place. You want to feel safe. The Social Justice Party spoke sweet words in your ear and promised you an end to your fear and poverty. Your whiteness and love of the cause is the very thing that puts you high on the target list.

Twitter Said, “Orange Man Bad”

I stopped following you on FB and twitter. There is no point. You are drunk on blue Kool-Aid. I get blue team platitudes and slogans anytime I comment or engage with you. It didn’t take many memes in your feed to understand that you hate Trump. BTW—those basement meetings you worry about are not plans to murder young black men. They are plans to seduce you into becoming a prisoner on a train headed for Manzanar. Your BLM friends are the people behind this, not the Orange Shitweasel named Trump.

Maybe you don’t know why you hate Trump, tbh. And you want to like Biden but he keeps doing stupid shit. It can’t be that the evil orange man could be the answer. He is, though. He is, tbh. Biden and the Democrats don’t want an election. They want a revolution that destroys this country and replaces it with a totalitarian, National Socialist Government. Biden won’t be president. He’s too far gone. There is a cadre of revolutionaries behind Biden that see this as their Great Tribulation. This is their path to the post-apocalyptic paradise with a god-king at the head of a new empire.

Yeah, I’m nuts. The Social Justice Party just wants to create a fairer, more just society where no one suffers from lack. I wish this were so. Marx and Mao created a way of life that only knows strife. They can’t win because success would make them bougie and thus evil. It would also end the strife that is central to being a disciple on the Shining Path.

It’s Your Fault, Cracker

You carry the collective guilt of everyone who isn’t black by your whiteness and privileged upbringing. It is because of you and everyone like you that there is so much misery and oppression. Nothing you say or do is enough to redeem yourself. Your racism is in your blood by your ancestry. No amount of graffiti on Harrison Street changes your innate, deep racism. You were born this way and no amount of encounter sessions to cure you of your whiteness will ever be enough. Karen, these people hate you.

They hate your whiteness. They hate your cute little flat on Northside just up the hill from Euclid. The psuedo-goth leather and lace gear offends their souls. Your good fairy card at Whole Foods makes their hair hurt. It’s a sin that you volunteer at a pet rescue for cats. Your Prius pisses them off. These people hate you just because you are you. Welcome to the cause.

By your incessant shouting that “Black Lives Matter” you expose yourself as a racist. That chant is a tacit admission that you accept the lie that black lives don’t matter. You agree with your Social Justice friends that white folk carry an indelible stain on their lives. Far from being someone who foments love, your fight for the cause is primary evidence that you hate yourself and your kin.


I was angrier. My name is Alan Webb and I am a recovering wife beater. I know anger as a drug that is as powerfully addicting as meth. It took me years to recover from a lifelong addiction to anger. Staying sober is still a core spiritual discipline for me. You feel your anger as righteous indignation. The list of things wrong with the world is longer than anyone can recite. The answer is a liturgy of slogans shouted with gusto by the Social Justice warriors in your circles of influence. Never uttered is a solution that could be implemented.

Rock bottom is a thing. Anger has long term health risks. It cycles our bodies through destructive explosive events followed by depression and illness. Anger addicts eventually suffer from heart disease, gastrointestinal problems, and insomnia. Anger destroys relationships. It leaves the addict abandoned and desperate. Anger eats your soul. Life at rock bottom.

I got sober through giving grace. I never asked for grace or mercy from anyone. God asked me to start forgiving, to give grace first. Later on he asked me to serve others through small acts of kindness done with great love. The third element of this trinity is to desire only Christ.

Peace Be With You

I’m just sharing. I’ll never ask you if you are saved. I’m not the guy who will badger you into uttering the prayer. This is a holy fight happening in your heart and the heart of many others. It is God’s fight and I have faith that he will win in the end.

I’ll end here. We all die. Some of us may go to heaven. That’s not important to me. What’s important to me is today, how we live and impact each other today. Choose the Social Justice way and its perpetual unrest or choose life as another lamp lighting the way of mercy and peace. Peace be with you. تصحبك السلامة


Yellow Story

I guess I’m not done writing about a core theme of this space. The core theme? That story both influences and reflects our behavior, “Rich people are stealing their wealth from peasants. Their history is a bloody stain on the peasants of the world. We have to erase rich people and their evil story.” So Richmond’s statue of Robert E. Lee has been covered in graffiti and the mayor has promised to take it down. We are ruled by yellow story.

My son said I should explain why I don’t want Confederate Monuments removed. I did that here. Part of our current problem is yellow story. To compete with social media traditional news outlets have returned to yellow journalism. The currency of modern journalism is fear and anger.

Next, some political organizations have adopted a strategy that relies on fear and anger to stay in power. They know that we are stupid when we are afraid or angry. We make choices we would never make if we had a moment to reflect and calm down.

Larga Vida el Sendero Luminoso

Then you have Sendero Luminosa, BLM, AntiFa and other communist revolutionary groups that root their identity in Marx, Lennin and Mao. All forms of communism and socialism are rooted in anger and fear. Communism can’t exist in a society where people are mostly happy. It has to have a warring populace who resent the others.

Nothing to do with Confederate Monuments, right? No, everything to do with these. For Senderistas to have their utopia they must destroy everything in the land. There cannot be anyone off-the-page with them. Nothing of the prior country can survive. So any monument that tells a story different from the orthodox narrative of Sendero Luminosa is evil and must be destroyed.

News Outlets love the story they get to tell when activists vandalize and destroy statues. CNN and other Senderista whores have spontaneous orgasms because they get traffic and their Sendero pimps give them likes. Political leaders get to show leadership without ever actually leading. These political whores get the power they seek through their Sendero Luminosa loyalty. Hot moans! Hot Moans! Get your Hot Moans HERE!

Yellow story. Chinese businessman sentenced who tried to sell military equipment to Sendero Luminoso
Sentencian a empresario chino que intentó vender equipo militar a Sendero Luminoso

¿No está muerto el Sendero Luminoso?

So, a brief interruption to this screed. Sendero Luminosa is dead, right? It is not. First, three years ago Sendero Luminosa snipers killed three cops in the Ene Apurimac Valley. Second, and relevant to this piece, the Shining Path is an evil vision of a post-apocalyptic paradise. It is paved with the blood and ground bones of its enemies. The Shining Path is a beloved story for some. You can kill the people, you can destroy everything that came before, but a loved story is immortal.

Rome fell, all the Ceasar’s died, Ovid’s poetry survived. Abimael Guzmàn is in prison convicted of terrorism and treason. Even so, it’s not over for Sendero Luminosa. It will never be over. That vision, that story will live on as long as least one person passes it on to their children. This is the problem with trying to remove the symbols of the confederacy. The Confederacy will live on in the hearts of those who remember after the symbols are gone.

This is the game for Sendero Luminosa and its fellow travelors: keep inventing issues that have emotional punch and are innate characteristics of our shit show world. Slogans like “No Justice, No Peace!” and “Fuck the Police” make great feels as you walk down Richmond’s Monument Avenue in solidarity with the cause. They rely on angst at universal truths about us to manufacture their issues.

In the Beginning

Stories of the fall from Eden are roughly 5,000 years old. So for at least 5,000 years we have had free will and the knowledge of good and evil. We know, we understand and yet some of us continue to do bad shit. Knowing that, senderistas will scream at us, “NEVER AGAIN!” Yeah, uhm, about that.

There has to be an antidote narrative. One that isn’t born out of a dystopian tantrum pimped by senderistas bent on bringing the second coming forth on a road paved with the ashes, blood, and bones of the past. There is a better narrative told by dissident Jews who follow a martyred Nazarene carpenter: the Way of Christ.

Marxism dates to 1847 when Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels began writing the Communist Manifesto. We’ve had more or less of it for the last 173 years. The push for a Marxist America is almost a century old. It hasn’t succeeded for this reason: its soil is made of hate. The American Left shrivels to ash where there is hope.

Yellow Story Three Crosses

La Revolución de Cristo

Jesus was uncompromising, John 14:6 ESV, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” This isn’t any less difficult, Matthew 19:21, “If you would be perfect, go, sell what you possess and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow me.” Sounds kinda Marxist, doesn’t it? Just remember, Jesus was first.

There is one key difference between the Way of Jesus and the Shining Path. Like Judaism, the Way of Christ makes no sense if you don’t learn the history. Matthew 5:38-40 is absurd when read by Americans alive in 2020, “You have heard that it was said, ‘An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.’ 39 But I say to you, Do not resist the one who is evil. But if anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also. 40 And if anyone would sue you and take your tunic,[a] let him have your cloak as well.”

Our way is to shoot the son-of-a-bitch. That quote sounds like we are saying we love sandpaper dildos shoved up our anus. If you know the history and a little bit about Jewish culture in the period it takes on a whole, much better meaning.

Every day is a zero-day for senderistas. Yesterday evaporates behind a veil of today’s orthodox news speak. It never speaks of victory, hope, or love. If it did, the struggle wouldn’t be real. They need the struggle to be real.

You Can’t Have Enough Art

So . . . back to the monuments. Instead of tearing them down, we need to fight with more art. We need a building on the land owned by VCU where Lumpkins Jail once stood. That building should be a lament that tells the story of what it did. Lumpkins Jail was the largest slaveholding facility in Richmond for twenty years. I’d like to see VCU, the City of Richmond, the Commonwealth, and the National Park Service collaborate on a design for a building that tells Richmond’s story as one corner of a slave triangle that included Nigeria and England. It won’t happen because our current leadership is loyal to the Shining Path and ashamed of Robert Lumpkin.

Monument Avenue needs more art. Senderistas focus their story on the most angering narratives of African American History so they can move the ball on their post-apocalypse Peasant Utopia. The bitter past is only a small part of the African American story. Senderistas don’t want you to remember that history. They foment a yellow story of every day being a zero-day begun with a recitation of white cracker sin. We can win against them simply by remembering the rest of the story. I want more sculpture on Monument Avenue, not less.

I trust the arts community in Richmond to come up with sculpture for Monument Avenue that tells a fuller picture of African American History. Tell all of it, the bitter sin and the victories.

El Camino del Amor

Where Senderistas foment hate in furtherance of the struggle, Jesus spoke of love evangelizing his kingdom. The story of Christ is a story of love infecting power and winning. Marx hated Christ. His way of life called religion an opiate of the masses. Christians defied slave masters fighting to prevent slaves from learning to read by giving bibles and reading lessons. We insinuated our way of life into the hearts of African slaves and became part of their blood.

The Sendero Luminosa can’t further their revolution without destroying the church. A large part of African American History is absurd unless you understand its relationship to Christ. It’s not a coinkidink that churches are being attacked by BLM and Antifa. So much American music is born of slave work songs and black gospel. Elvis and Nick Jagger sang race music early in their career. N.W.A’s lineage traces straight back to the plantations of the antebellum South. This heritage can’t be told if the Senderistas are to succeed. The story of triumphant African American art has to die so a bitter Sendero Luminosa narrative can replace it.

Choose. Devote yourself to an abusive, violent, and hateful god-king who promises to be your Sugar Daddy and delivers bruises and bleeding or to a no-account carpenter from Nazareth who got himself crucified for speaking truth to the Jews. Plenty still genuflect before their home temple to Guzmàn, Mao, and Lenin hoping these will succor every whim. My friends and I follow the Way of Christ. For over 2,000 years we keep quietly winning.


Never Forget

Never Forget is not what we are told. We are to forgive and forget. That lives alongside, “Aquellos que no pueden recordar el pasado están condenados a repetirlo.” Third, to understand Christ, to grock this 2,000 year old movement of dissident Jews, you have to understand two things. The first is our history. The Bible makes no sense at all without knowing the history of it. The second is that the Way of Jesus of Nazareth is a deeply political movement. The bible is a political document.

Our commissioning narrative is of three political dissidents martyred by Rome for crimes against Caesar and Judaism. To denude Christians of politics is to willfully deny the reason our movement started. The Jews wanted a revolution to overthrow Caesar. Jesus and his followers fomented a revolution within Judaism that continues today. Our collected canon of foundational literature is absurd without understanding church history. A no-account carpenter from Nazareth wagged the biggest dog of his day–the Roman Empire.

Some tails wishing to wag big dogs want to us to forget particular narratives in favor of their own. These tails stomp and shout in circles around memorials to the Confederate Army and insist that all symbols of the Civil War be removed from public view. History must be purified of the bloody stains left on it by White People.

✠ ✠ ✠

So, by that premise, Richmond’s Hollywood Cemetery is a stain on the national narrative that ought to be erased. Exhume the confederate soldiers buried there and burn their bones. Grind every gravestone into gravel for concrete to build housing and factories of the peepul. Make Collective farms on the recovered land after the cemetery is destroyed. Replace the symbols of hate with symbols of collective progress.

Once the memorials and monuments are gone it becomes possible to pretend that the dark days didn’t happen. We will have a pure history correct in its details. There never was a Civil War. A peepul’s paradise can exist where the bitter memory of the War for States Rights once stood. The story can be killed because the tangible symbols get replaced by utopian land redistribution schemes. Things will be better once the story is dead.

Ovid was hated by Augustus. Augustus exiled him. Augustus became marble statues in a number of museums. Ovid’s poetry became children’s literature. There is not space to argue whether Rome was better without Ovid. Regardless, Ovid’s stories survived.

✠ ✠ ✠

New Orleans Robert E Lee statue never forget

Further, these same tails foment a zealous nationalism that justifies violence and discrimination against their enemies. White People are innately racist and evil. White People stole land from brown people. Steal the land back and give it to designated brown people based on need. Every WASP oppresses somebody simply by being alive. The country will be better after we cleanse ourselves of WASPs. So, rinse repeat the genocide and turn the world deep brown.

The City of New Orleans recently removed the statues of General Robert E Lee and others. Charlottesville is considering similar measures to remove the statues of Civil War luminaries. As of this edit the city of Richmond, VA has a proposal before the City Council to remove all of the Civil War monuments. If we don’t have to look at the symbols of slavery then somehow that will accomplish the goals of those who still carry angst because their ancestors suffered evil at the hands of White People.

Next, I know I am repeating myself. I am not the first to say this either. Those who nourish their angst for the sins of others keep themselves in pain. There is freedom in forgiveness. There is power in compassion. This is some old blah, blah, blah. You know this. And yet we still have those who claim it isn’t over, that they are owed their pound of flesh.

Auschwitz never forget

Never Forget

We must forgive. We must also never forget. Auschwitz-Berkenau must remain standing. Here in the South I want us to build memorials and monuments to our history. Richmond’s Lumpkins Jail is a parking lot today. We should rebuild it as a memorial so we don’t forget.

There have been purges throughout history. 秦始皇 through genocide and massive destruction of extant books, attempted to have history begin with him. Though he was successful some knowledge of Chinese history predating his dynasty survived. Words and story have an immortality difficult to suppress. The monuments may be gone but the memories and stories survive.

Mao’s Cultural Revolution was an attempt to purify China. Mao sought to bleed out capitalism so that nothing remained save for the revolution. It was a decade of brutal persecution that crippled China. As I listen to the Black Lives Matter folk and other nationalist movements among brown people I can’t help but hear an ache for an American Cultural Revolution to purify us of our WASP oppressors. We can begin in the South with the monuments remembering the War for States Rights.

In Praise of the Lowly

My Jesus was a no-account carpenter born in Bethlehem and hailed from Nazareth. He was the bastard child of Joseph and Mary. Everything we tell of his life is a farce of the Holy Roman Emperor. There were many before him and many since who died at the hands of genocidal kings. Their stories are forgotten. Jesus of Nazareth is remembered. His martyrdom is a cornerstone of our Reformed faith.

If we did as many suggest, and set about removing all traces of art remembering Christ we may make some headway at erasing him from history. Christians were a dissident Jewish rebellion against the Hebrew church and Rome for over 400 years. The mightiest empire in the world at that time tried to destroy us, to wipe the memory of Christ clean. He is remembered. Rome fell, the church remains.

The crazy thing happened. The lowly became mighty. The mighty became lowly. The story of Jesus of Nazareth survives in spite of over two-thousand years of persecution. Our greatest recruiting tool is a bloody dictator who tries to eliminate us and our story.

Immortal Story

Killing words is much harder than killing people. Story outlives genocide. 秦始 failed to destroy the words so we have 道德經 from the memories of those who followed it and survived. Mao’s genocidal attempt at making a purely Communist China lasted a decade. Mao died, communism became sullied by capitalism. Where the virulent weed of capitalism has taken seed it has exploded the wealth of those infected by it. After all that there are Jews in Germany. That went well.

Never Forget

Finally, I want us to remember. I want the ache of what was done to stay so we remember why we must continue to forgive. Lucas 6:27, “Pero a ustedes que me escuchan les digo: Amen a sus enemigos, hagan bien a quienes los odian” means nothing if we have erased the memory of why someone is an enemy to us. Restore Lumpkins Jail and other sites so the whole story is remembered instead of taking the Confederate Monuments down.