The People

Several real people have commented on posts that were here before the recent disastrous database upgrade. There is only one writer at the moment. In addition to the IRL Alan Webb who is the one to blame for this site there were a few fictional characters created by Alan that also comment.

Alan Webb
Alan Webb is a graduate of Cal State East Bay with a Bachelor’s in English Literature. He has had many jobs in his quest to balance his love of writing with his need to eat and keep a roof over his head. He was the youngest member of Berkeley’s Taxi Unlimited, the youngest cab driver in Oakland, Ca., at the time, has been a cook, dishwasher, database developer, programmer, software support technician, field service engineer, printer repair technician, grocery clerk, movie theater ticket seller, and other jobs that escape memory. He has been monikered as Psycho Dish for his curious banter while washing dishes for Richmond, VA restaurants including Havana 59. His last gig was driving one of those camera cars like the Google cars for Microsoft’s Bing Maps and for Uber. He is currently looking for work and scheming ways to help himself and other Richmond Area artists make a living just doing art. He is also exploring PHP and MySQL so he can understand what makes WordPress work.
Eugene Lefkowitz Eugene is a character created by Alan Webb for this blog as an avatar representing some of the eccentrics he knew living in the SF Bay Area in the 1980’s. Eugene claims to be Emperor of the Peepulz Democratic Republik of Kalifornya, a socialist utopia of his own imaginings where anything not expressly prohibited can be assumed to be permitted. Eugene was a familiar site near Haste & Telegraph until a few years ago when his health and the damp Winter nights in People’s Park really started to hurt him. He abandoned his support through Alameda County’s Adult Services and joined the Siddha Yoga Ashram in Oakland, Ca. Alan hasn’t heard much from him since he joined the Ashram.
Ray(Ro(bert(a))) Bob Ray was added to the cast of characters on 16-Jan-2016. First, a comment about his ?her? name. Ray(bert(a)) Bob declares his name to be some variant of Ray, Raymond, Robert, Roberta or Bob on a whim. The parens are my way of including his/her whims so I don’t have to repeatedly edit my posts about him with whatever moniker he’s fancied lately. He was born at the Urban Farmhouse Café out of a short conversation Alan had with an editor. She suggested he bring Ray(bert(a)) to life as a more fully realized character. His first appearance as such is in the “Saturday” post published on 17-Jan-2016. Ray is a drunk alien who made his entrance puking on Alan’s carpet while Alan was still on the road driving a camera car for Uber. Alan expanded his back story in this post. He is an avatar for Alan’s anxiety. In his first full appearance he contacted Alan to be bailed out of Henrico County Jail for an arrest on charges of drunk in public, open container and domestic battery. He can be followed on twitter: @rayrobertabob, e-mailed at or Alan has designated him the Marketing Director for this blog.
Dieter Weber “Bear” Bear is a new addition (13-Jan-2016) to the fictional cast of characters on this site. He is my everyman character. He lives in Stuart, Va. on a small farm owned by his brother. Bear hasn’t had a recognizable job since he was 16 and pumped gas for a summer after high school. He is married with four children, a deacon in the local Baptist church, and living a quiet life. Money never seems to be a question for him. He has an acre of the 100 acres the family owns which circulates a stream of junk and cars in some stage between total loss and marketable good. He often smells of sweated moonshine and hardwood smoke. When the kerfuffle over confederate flags blew up in 2015 he bought a bigger flag and hung it from the shed he works out of. Ed is Alan’s mentor as Alan learns to live as an ex-pat Yankee in the capitol of the south.
Catherine Webb “Katy” I started this site with a plan for a serialized novel about my grandfather, Wells, and my grandmother, Catherine. Katy is a fictionalized depiction of my grandma, my father’s mother, who took me in at age 19 and straightened me out. This is version 3 of the site. I’ve crashed it and rebuilt it twice before. For this version Katy is changed. She is mid-twenties as of 2016. She is still a Ph.D. candidate at UC Berkeley in History working in the English Department teaching Undergrad Composition. She is still a decorated veteran of Afghanistan, leaving the Navy as a master chief. Her Doctorate is on women’s combat roles in the Civil War.