3-Dot Mediocrity

First Posted 24-Jun-2015

Ok, yungins, go Google “Herb Cain”. Also Walter Winchell. Both published columns talking about what was going on in their respective cities. Herb Cain was a fixture in the San Francisco Chronicle for almost 60 years. His columns were tidbits of news seperated by an elipsis. I will never be as good as either Herb or Walter. But I’ve been away from this blog for a while and the backlog of topics has gotten long. Rather than try to make a post per topic I figure I’d steal a tactic from Herb Cain and do a few topics in this post.

Let me start with Rachel Dolezal. I need to marry her. Brown, crazy, liar, single mother, divorced, bitter, all my major malfunctions in one woman. She’d hate me so I’d feel right at home. Oh, and Rachel? Newsflash: you are white. . . We are a week into the aftermath of the tragic death of 9 Christians by a lone gunman. A lot has been said. I don’t know how much I can add to the conversation. Definitely prayers and condolences to the families that lost loved ones. As for a-hat, everything I have to say involves a criminal act of vengeance so I’ll not say it here. I am pleased that folk have taken the high road and talked about love and forgiveness. . . the knee-jerk reaction of Obummer and Billary to lay the blame at the feet of inadequate gun control is just stupid. There is gun control. For a law abiding citizen it is plenty difficult to get a gun. Yet, the a-hat who killed 9 people was able to get a gun. The gun isn’t the problem. The a-hat and his evil ideas about African-Americans is the problem . . . the various politicians and corporate leaders who are reacting to public opinion and removing the Confederate Battle flag from public buildings and products. I get it that some view that flag as a symbol of racism. Yes, we did unspeakable evil as a nation in our first century. Yes, the Confederate flag was flown by those who fought to keep slavery. I get that. I can understand a desire to not have that symbol part of ones visual landscape. . . 9 people are dead because of the heart of an evil man.

The problem is/was his heart, our hearts. The battle should not be over external symbols. It should be over the content of our character and the quality of our hearts. The absence of the Confederate Battle flag will not change that. . . I haven’t heard much from Billary. I’m working in New Hampshire, the focus of a lot of campaigning for the 2016 Presidential election. Of what I’ve heard it’s as if nothing was done over the last 8 years. Healthcare has to be reformed, more money taken from the rich and given to the poor, the same tired rhetoric about being a change agent for the middle class (meaning Union workers). Blah, blah, blah. Can we get a new song from the Democrats? Please and thank-you. While I’m at it, can we get some political leadership that hasn’t sold their testicles to the Chinese? The current crop sounded wonderful in the election prior to starting their term in Congress. Now they are a bunch of whining weenies who happily bend over for the Democrats and Obummer. Useless.