A Word from the Unruly

First Posted 06-Aug-2015

“Rolling down the road trying to loosen my load, I’ve got seven women on my mind. Four that want to own me, two that want to stone me, one says she’s a friend of mine . . .”


I’ve been driving rural roads in upstate New York for about two weeks. Son of Kuomo dictated that the minimum wage should be $15.00/hr. in the name of fairness. After I calmed down and quit driving like Bill the Cat I wrote down some notes and finished the shift.

I find it odd that folk who describe themselves as liberal keep moving more of our society to government operation and control in the name of justice. Under this rubric, the way to fix things is to eliminate private capital and make it all public capital. To create arbiters who will decide what is fair, who will get resources and who will give resources. To choose winners & losers based on selection criteria that rewards need and punishes ability.

As I’ve said elsewhere, when you make great need profitable then us, the peeepul, will innovate by making ourselves ever more needy. Thus, the optimum state for most everyone is hidden or diminished ability and very visible need. It becomes rational to destroy tangible wealth in favor of a lie of poverty. Building 100 trucks in one day without grease or oil starts to make sense. As does a corrupt, bifurcated economy where black market capitalism thrives like kudzu and the white market economy can’t shake the malaise, shortages and rationing.

I and my friends don’t behave. We are trouble. We think smoking a joint on the capitol steps in D.C. with an AR-15 strapped to our backs is a plan precisely because it will create a tv-newsworthy stir. We don’t really have a point or a cause other than a defiant habit of being pugnacious because we can.

I hold no hope in a future for us as a country if we keep making the bureaucracy bigger and more intrusive. It will fail because under its own weight and inability to function. We, the unruly, will be seen as prophetic because we opted out of membership in the majority as a card carrying apparatchik. That AR-15 will come in handy. We’ll need it to hunt on public land for Uncle Sam’s cattle.

Telling us that we’ll be forced to buy our 1/3 lb Angus Beef burgers from a fast-food joint that has to pay $15.00/hr. because some politician succumbed to the wiles of a labor union–that’s a reason to start selling 1/2 lb. burgers cooked by wetbacks out of the back of our SUV’s at cheaper prices just to piss off the unions. That’s one piece of this rant. There is more.

It’s almost a rule of the universe. When we start bullying God, start making laws and regulating behavior with the intent of forcing people to behave the way we want them to, it’s as if God is one of us, one of the pugnacious, and sets about screwing with the plan. It fails. Name a product that is currently illegal to sell or purchase and tell me if you can still buy it? Yes? Boom.

Are you sure your idea of orthodox behavior will be agreed to? Lately, I am driving through areas of New York State where various Anabaptist Christians live. Their idea of perfect includes foregoing cars, electricity and other accoutrement of modern life. There is a distinct costume they wear. Were they to rule the nation we’d all be at risk of giving up our Internet, our smart phones, anything that uses electricity, our cars . . . I can go on. Mao, under the Cultural Revolution, had people all wearing the same clothes in the name of a more perfect society. Are you good with that?

If, hypothetically, it was decreed that everyone had to wear a bra, panties, and skirts, pants being outlawed in the name of equality, would you? And, while I am on this tangent, why is it that the answer to equality is to celebrate women as the only orthodox gender? Will we really be a better society when all the men are made into fem shadow caricatures of women? Excuse me, but as I read the Bible, it seems Eve was sent to help Adam. I don’t find anything about helping Adam by sending him to Brazil to be given fake tits and have his dick turned into a vagina. There is something holy in the pairing of male and female we are messing with so that some women don’t feel threatened by a cock. Are we more free by trading the old orthodoxy for a new orthodoxy that celebrates taped up or sliced and diced dicks? Don’t answer that. It’s called a rhetorical question. You can look it up on Google.

I am white, Anglo-Saxon, protestant, cis-hetero male . . . I’m so screwed. Where are the worms you want me to eat? I’ll start digging and please may I have another . . . All those who (yes, glittering generalization here) claim to be for the peeepul have an odd attraction to dictatorship and oppressively large government as the means by which they can accomplish their vision of Shangri La. When they succeed the outcome is exactly the sort of insane dictatorship they claim to be against. They seem to create societies where to be socially acceptable you have to adhere to an orthodoxy at least as intense as the Anabaptists. Can you, in the wrong company, declare that homosexuality is a sin and that abortion is murder?

Take a clue from us, the unruly. Stop trying to write laws to force your idea of a more perfect union. We’ll fight you. God will fight you. Yes, boundaries are necessary. Some behavior is decidedly out of bounds. A good place to start is the Ten Commandments and a lot of Leviticus. But we’ve gone nuts and now you practically can’t fart without breaking a law. Plus, we’ve got a President who doesn’t give a shit about existing law. The law is what he wants it to be in that moment. He is also free from constraint by the rule of law. He does what he damned pleases and Congress just seems to tape their dick up and smile adoringly. He’s kinda one of us, actually.

I can’t wait for our country to get over this hard on for bigger governance in the name of social justice. It’s counter-intuitive—smaller, more effective government works better than bigger, ineffective government. Obummer, Sanders and Billary and their iteration of populist rhetoric repeated endlessly since Woodrow Wilson, all that is a highway to hell. The only way out of this is to take a clue from the Chinese and the collapse of the Soviet Union. We have to endure the near term misery of shrinking the government, eliminating feckless law, and letting Capitalism do what it has done before–unleash the power of private commerce to create a tide of wealth that raises all boats, to make a sh*t-ton of pies instead of crumbs from one measily, moldy pie offered by Obummer, Sanders, Billary.