US Debt Clock 04-22-2023

I have two kinds of fairy money I want to talk about. Before I continue, it’s April 28th, 2023 as of this edit. Early voting for this year’s legislative election begins next week (5/5/2023). A small but important victory in the fight against the Woke True Folk is Republican controlContinue Reading

It’s time to fight. The pansies who dominate our headlines and occupy all the oxygen on social media need to sit down and shut up. Us, the fathers that remember what it means to lead, need to push them off the stage. We will be so judgy because the WokeContinue Reading

That’s going to be awesome! Teach Them to Hate Themselves and everyone else. Teach Them to Hate their bodies and that the answer is to take medication and accept cosmetic surgery that transforms them into Lebensborn. Find the things that let you say, “I Hate X“. Die kommunistische Partei insgesamt!Continue Reading

Without X my life would be awesome. I hate X. It is s/his’ fault. X has all the privileges. S/he is above the law. X has all the money and power. X is stupid bougie and that’s not fair. If only I could make X the same as me I’dContinue Reading

Choices have consequences. Yeah . . . we know. We also know that revenge should be a cold dish. One more thing. Piranhas will eat koi. Ophie bought Charlie’s Goochland farm. He left an expensive mess that included an underground bugout shelter infested with rats and cockroaches. It was alsoContinue Reading

First, if your major complaint is that politics has become uncivil, go away. Next, if you can’t listen to anything that deviates from your tribe’s orthodoxy without melting down. . . yes, go away. Your normal died. Normal is dead. Antajuan Hawkins was murdered sometime on or after 2/23/2023. HisContinue Reading

2022-12-20 Richmond, VA Everyone who is blathering that Christmas is a time to be happy—shut the f*ck up. If you say that you love winter you are telling a big lie. For at least the last decade, maybe more, Winter is when the looming dog pile of money challenges snowballsContinue Reading

Some of us breathe toxic water. We inhabit a place where the water we breathe is toxic. If we are fortunate enough to have jobs that pay a living wage or better and don’t have a grievance or a malady, then we are the problem. It is because of theContinue Reading

Lets talk about sex. I was in High School in the 1970s when all the rage was sexual liberty. Love should be free from the bounds of patriarchal oppression. Women should be able to have sex anytime, all the time, with anyone without consequence. It was just sex. But let’sContinue Reading

My tithing fight is one more thing that is healthy and yet I don’t do it. One thing I do that isn’t healthy is fritter away cash on trivial things I could do without. My typical spend at Starbucks or Wawa is about $15.00. If I eat breakfast and lunchContinue Reading