First Posted 18-Jun-2014 Yes it is. This space is absurd. It’s religious roots are absurd. This space believes that a Nazarene carpenter was martyred by the Romans at the request of members of his church, he died and rose again on the third day. There are more absurdities published here.Continue Reading

First Posted 13-Jul-2014 The story below is a turning point in my life. I tell it a lot. This version is what I sent to my aunt recently: A few years ago, when I was calling an emergency shelter program home, I was parked near a place that let folkContinue Reading

Street Preacher

First Posted 24-July-02014 We’ve made a mistake at our church. In gathering some information about our neighbors, we ended the assessment with, “Tuckahoe Tom and Grove Avenue Gladys have yet to realize that the only way to ultimate joy and fulfillment, and to eternal life, is through Jesus Christ asContinue Reading

My son and I have started a regular Sunday afternoon phone call to keep in touch. He’s moved out, off to college. We talked about this blog, this wall of text. I am, this blog is, an anachronism. The Interweby thingo favors audio or video content. YouTubes is the blogContinue Reading