US Debt Clock 04-22-2023

I have two kinds of fairy money I want to talk about. Before I continue, it’s April 28th, 2023 as of this edit. Early voting for this year’s legislative election begins next week (5/5/2023). A small but important victory in the fight against the Woke True Folk is Republican control of Virginia’s legislature. My friend Tina Ramirez is seeking to be the Republican candidate for Virginia Senate District 12. I endorsed her in a previous post. Now, on with it–starting with Blue Fairy Dust (BFD)

Blue Fairy Money is woke. It’s fashy. If you have a BFD bank account you are deemed more virtuous than most of your peers. Your intersectionality score goes up. There are discount and cash-back deals at high ESG-scored businesses. Just . . . be careful of how you spend your money. Whole Foods? Awesome. Dunkin Donuts? That could be problematic. Hobby Lobby or Chik-Fil-A? You are done. Donate to anything off the list of approved causes? Expect a visit from some men in black armed with assault weapons. Just saying.

BFD is a Central Bank Digital Currency that solves all your Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity worries. BFD is backed by the full faith and credit of Black Lives Matter (BLM). It is currently trading on at 100,000:1 against the evil US dollar, which is racist and bougie. So a BFD millionaire would have $10.00 USD. But your ESG score is safe with BFD. Not so much with USD.

Don’t get Red Fairy Dust. RFD is evil, racist, misogynist, hates grandparents, anti-revolutionary, transphobic, and . . . this is really bad, in a recent survey the majority of RFD holders voted for Trump. Have you noticed that the hateful MAGA Republicans are reappearing as corpses dumped by the roadside? Don’t be one of those.

Modern Monetary Theory Fairy Money

Modern Monetary Fairy Money

Bitcoin and all that are dark waters (not being racist with “dark”, promise). It isn’t worth anything and you can’t really buy anything with it. So never mind or any of the other sketchy blockchain sites.

BFD is based on modern monetary theory. It’ll never go bankrupt because the government can always print more. BFD isn’t a means of exchange. It’s a way to generate revenue and manage the populace through taxation. You don’t need to own anything because Pimp Daddy Unka Sam will take care of you. Yes, the value against RFD and the dollar gets a little out of hand. And sometimes basic items like smoked tofu are hard to get because of supply chain issues. It’s the price we pay for ensuring that Mother Nature is protected. 一切榮耀歸於毛澤東!

RFD? Pfah! Worthless coin! So old school. It’s backed by gold and precious gems. Like, what are gold or precious gems worth? You can’t eat them. Who needs a means of exchange or barter when no one will own anything? Price tags are anti-revolutionary. Need something? Steal it. It all belongs to us through the government so it isn’t really stealing. Besides, laws prohibiting stealing come from Zionists, and obviously, they shouldn’t be listened to.

Non-Fairy Money

Current Federal Spending: over six (6) trillion dollars. Current federal debt: thirty-two (32) trillion dollars. Chump change, right? We can just print more money to take care of that. Modern Monetary Theory says so. We have enough fairy money to cover that.

Just before rock bottom an addict still thinks that he or she can make things work. Things will work out. They just need another fix and a little more time. Meanwhile, the downward spiral continues its relentless appetite for the health and soul of the addict. The outcomes are well known–death, jail or prison (again), hospitalization (again), or rehab (again).

Each time around this merry-go-round we hear the same liturgy, “I’ll get straight. I won’t use anymore. I just need one more fix, promise.” For an addict to live there is only one option: stop using. It hurts to stop using. So they find one more fix and use again. It is only until the pain of stopping is less than the pain of using that there is a chance the addict will begin recovery and stick with it.


Big Fucking Deal, right? We only need enough Blue Fairy Money. The government isn’t an addict, so why talk about addiction? Oh, but we are addicts. Enough of our leadership is beholden to a dark ideology birthed by addicts that this country functions like an addict in the last days of the addiction. That’s the big fucking deal. These leaders have walked us into darkness. Where they have taken us there are only two outcomes: death of the country as we know it or painful recovery from their addictions.

I have a name for these leaders and their disciples–Woke True Folk (WTF). The whole country isn’t addicted. But we are suffering from the consequences of a few WTF who are addicted to power and wealth. We are codependents of their addiction. So we are hurt by their dysfunction. Woo.

Friends and kin of addicts know codependency first-hand. We know the heartbreak of watching those we love bleed life into an open wound created by their addiction. There is nothing we can do to save them until they either die or begin recovery again and this time stick with it. I don’t have to devote a post to the WTF. But they are addicts and addicts piss me off. Am I triggered? Yes.


I am triggered by Rico Bravo, of Facebook. His profile says he is from Pescadero, CA. That’s in San Mateo or Northern CA. None of that really matters. What does matter is that he’s a huge fan of Modern Monetary Theory and Keynesian Economics. Whazzat? The idea that the government can print as much money as it wants and that government debt will get us out of an economic downturn. An addict can use as much as he or she wants for as long as he or she wants with no downside. That’s not how things work.

Why am I triggered? First, Mr/Ms/Mrs/Mx Bravo commented on a post by my friend, Tina Ramirez‘s campaign page on Facebook. I’ve made a hobby out of slugging it out with the trolls that show up on her page. Mx Sneer seems to be one more WTF who can’t tolerate any deviance from orthodox Newspeak. We all must utter the same beliefs without fail. Her posts show up everywhere through the magic of social media.

All good but the WTF are in meltdown because a Latinx woman from a purple state has the temerity to get uppity. If Tina knew her place she’d get back to dusting the windows of Gunn Road elites. Tina and I don’t know our place, so . . .

Past Last Call

What I know is that we have been taken hostage by elites who believe that they can accomplish all seven of the deadly sins without fear of negative escalating consequences. Behind the rush to their anti-human pastoral utopia is a demented war against us. Their perfect world is a resurrected pre-fall Eden where the surviving elites are incapable of sin. All the evil humans they hate will be dead, their dear leader will provide for them, and the pine-bough huts they make for themselves will be all the fashionable rage. Clothing? Who needs clothing? Clothing is so anti-revolutionary, you fascist pig.

Meanwhile, I’ve got my large carbon footprint life and I’m good with it. So what’s up with Modern Monetary Theory? I don’t know and the Wikipedia article makes my hair hurt. I do know this. I’m not the government. I’m a deplorable cab driver who struggles to make ends meet. I can’t spend more than I make. The idea that my leadership can legislate their way to unlimited spending pisses me off.

And . . . Keynesian Economic Theory or Debt is Good. Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Johnson, Carter, Clinton and now Biden used the Federal Budget to further their Maoist Utopian vision of a more perfect kingdom. More debt isn’t a worry because we’ll just vote ourselves more money. Maybe, just maybe, if the vision for all those trillions was something I could get behind I might not spend 1500 words complaining about it.

Fairy Money Blues

But the money is being spent on foolishness. Behind the policy is a belief that the WTF can force the hand of God so that he returns and brings with him the Post-Apocalypse utopian Paradise spoken of in Revelations. It is why their policies promise to improve things but in practice destroy everything they touch.

One election at a time. We will win one election at a time. It took a century for the WTF to get this far with their anti-human battle to bring about the Apocalypse and follow-on paradise. Defeating them and dismantling their temples, idols, Asherah poles, and high places is a long game. Trump won some battles. There are more battles to win.

We need to keep winning and in Virginia where I live an important victory will be this November when Tina Ramirez wins the District 12 Senate seat.