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The blog, where you are now, is the largest body of content. It is an estimated half-million words worth $50k. It is the cheapest per month of the three ways to support me. About 70 annual subscriptions to this blog fund me for a month. Funding me for a year will need 600 annual subscriptions. I have one paid subscription. So there is room to grow.

I can make this offer. Subscribe and comment and I’ll reply. Useful suggestions may prompt future posts. Also, paid subscribers will have an easier time influencing the tone of this blog. But it still will be the cantankerous space it has been. “Calm down” will just inspire me to be worse. Haven’t paid? Shut up. No really—shut the f*ck up. You have to pay me to cuss me out.

There is also Cash App. I don’t recommend that because you won’t get paid back and I reserve the right to spend your money on stupid stuff. You have been warned.

Writers along with other creatives have to trust God. We take it on faith that we can create content first and then sell it. The early days while creating the content and building an audience are high risk. Misery is an easy forecast. The ones that make it get to this point: desperation. Then at the worst, something breaks their way and they can continue. That’s been true for me since I left home at 19. I believe it will be true this time. You can be part of what breaks my way.

Please subscribe. I’m retired from whack-a-puter. Cab driving wore me out. Lyft and Uber both banned me. Roadie still lets me work but the money isn’t enough. I refuse to stand on a corner with a sign and beg. Even I have some dignity left. So it’s subscribers or starve. I’d rather ask for subscribers. Thank you in advance.