Brave New World Quote

This is post #200 again. I had over 250 posts at one time before I sabotaged myself and had to rewrite all of them. Because I had to do everything all over I didn’t just put the content back. I did an edit. We are months away from voting onContinue Reading

Obama Pimp Daddy

“Licke” is a deliberate misspelling. It is a mashup of “lick” and “like”. You will find several misspellings in this piece. I didn’t just suddenly forget my B.A. in English. I don’t have dementia (yet). Comments telling me I made mistakes in writing this will not get approved. Some talkContinue Reading

First Posted 24-Sept-2015 Our relationship to authority figures is symbiotic. They project a personality and we subliminally reflect it back in the way we behave. It’s not always overt. Sometimes it’s a subtle vibe, a mood that echoes some aspect of the personality of our authority figures. There is theContinue Reading