Cranked you know. Chax is a brand of check printing and debt collection software. So Cranked Chax needs definition. Patience, Charlie has added to his reputation. First, Chax is a fake currency I made up while making a joke at work some years ago. It was an answer to someContinue Reading

Back then, Charlie was all that. High school football, adored by cheerleaders, Honors Society student, courted by Ivy League schools, the beaux of Ophie, who was the sought-after bell of the Bal du Bois. He was top ten with a bullet. Today? He lives in the staff dorm at aContinue Reading

Casino Nekkid Ophie

Wait. What!? Nekkid Ophie? How? Where? I write this stuff. The characters I depict are mine. I’m supposed to be omnipotent for them. But I’m not. So annoying. Ophie, the woman I thought was near to a nun, fierce as Athena, and a paralegal, naked? OMG!!! True, it seems. Why?Continue Reading

It’s so wrong. Why won’t my magic thinking produce the desired result? I mean, I’m entitled to a harem of SHYTs, a personal and doting chef, like, the total Hugh Hefner life, right? And the downtrodden just need bougie jobs and all the trappings of bougie life, right? Things justContinue Reading

Reno Skyline The Big Score for Charlie

The Big Score for Charlie was his way out of Paradise and back into his entitled position as a Wall Street Wolf. It’s a plan. Not a good plan. But it is a plan. It’s Charlie, though. So it went about the way you would expect. Because Charlie belonged inContinue Reading

Inger and Ophie blame charlie. Charlie‘s crimes are first-world sins. Things would be easier if he would do something demonstrable like wear a MAGA hat at a BLM protest. They are not easier. Charlie is a couch slug. He gets space on this blog because Inger and Ophie won’t stopContinue Reading

All Needs Are Rights If you are underage and your survival depends on adults, many things feel like God given rights. To be fair, much is a right because two people had sex and here you are. Beyond the age of ?12? or so, beyond puberty when it is possibleContinue Reading

Goth Girl

I have a friend who doesn’t trust anything he can’t perceive through his five senses. He is suspicious of anything not in his immediate experience. He wonders if maybe solipsism is correct. He seeks pleasure because it confirms for him that there is a tangible truth he can grasp. SexContinue Reading