Akio creates a problem for me. He was born fucked. Two addict parents self-medicating to cope with a buzzing swarm of mental issues. Generations of living on the dole. Akio is an addict. Depending on his mood, he feels either schizophrenic, anxious or depressed. He is homeless, in his firstContinue Reading


First Posted 16-Jan-2015 Leelah, you poor thing. Bless your heart. You died for no reason. The world will not be fixed, sorry. There were three words in Leelah’s suicide note that just stopped me dead, “Fix the World”. The world can’t be fixed. It doesn’t come correct. Trying to makeContinue Reading


In high school and into my twenties I got a lot of play out of being the wise, protective father figure for shameless hussies with soft boundaries and a burning resentment for the absent/s.o.b. father. As long as she’d get nekkid and dance the horizontal bop with me I wasContinue Reading