Daniel 3

I wrote a post I titled, “Anxiety“. I wanted to be done with it. I am not done with it. I am not over it. Fear touches me in two ways lately. My son, who I don’t usually write about, suffers from anxiety that causes depression for him. This isContinue Reading

The highest form of swordsmanship is living so you don’t need a sword. Master your weapon so you live free of the need for a weapon.Continue Reading

Yeah! NO PEACE! Peace and police are overrated. Once we burn it down we can have our pastoral utopia where nobody is married, all the women are generous with the sex, you can get high and not be shamed/shunned, there will be no government, no taxes, nobody oppressing us with rules, no war, no hunger, no rich people and no white people. It’s gonna be great.Continue Reading

Anxiety Woman

BANG ANXIETY BANG FEAR BANG ANXIETY BANG FEAR BANG ANXIETY FEAR BANG ANXIETY FEAR BANG ANXIETY BANG FEAR BANG. Right. For some, the prior sentence will evoke bad memories of gunshots. 49 people died in a nightclub last weekend. Keep in mind that us old geeks pronounce exclamation points as,Continue Reading