Most of us know when we have lost. And when we have found a boundary that is crossed, will not go well. AntiGa is not most of us. AntiGa is AntiAll. They are agin it. Agin what? Everything. Nothing is good. Everything is bad because of a short list ofContinue Reading

Buffet at Wynn The Debrief

I said Sal would give the debrief. So here we go. To recap, it’s a month or so after Sal and his family executed their escape plan from PUDFARB. They are in Paradise Valley, NV at the casino. It is Sunday. Sal and his family are eating breakfast in theContinue Reading

Chaz Garden Officer Krupky

Officer Krupky is Salvatore Jimenez. No, I’m not endangering him. Saito-san has him in a safe house for now. Sal defecting is one thing. Getting his family out and settled was next level. But. PUDFARB thinks with its heart. So it can be defeated. Saito-san and PUDFARB have some history.Continue Reading

Back then, Charlie was all that. High school football, adored by cheerleaders, Honors Society student, courted by Ivy League schools, the beaux of Ophie, who was the sought-after bell of the Bal du Bois. He was top ten with a bullet. Today? He lives in the staff dorm at aContinue Reading

Choices have consequences. Yeah . . . we know. We also know that revenge should be a cold dish. One more thing. Piranhas will eat koi. Ophie bought Charlie’s Goochland farm. He left an expensive mess that included an underground bugout shelter infested with rats and cockroaches. It was alsoContinue Reading

Reno Skyline The Big Score for Charlie

The Big Score for Charlie was his way out of Paradise and back into his entitled position as a Wall Street Wolf. It’s a plan. Not a good plan. But it is a plan. It’s Charlie, though. So it went about the way you would expect. Because Charlie belonged inContinue Reading

Inger and Ophie blame charlie. Charlie‘s crimes are first-world sins. Things would be easier if he would do something demonstrable like wear a MAGA hat at a BLM protest. They are not easier. Charlie is a couch slug. He gets space on this blog because Inger and Ophie won’t stopContinue Reading

Ophelia-Teale Tailiafero aka Madam Teale was born in 1988 to old Virginia money. Her parents, Calvin Taliafero and Iris Rolfe invested in Microsoft and Apple when both companies were small. They also bought income property in NVA before DC encroached on Fairfax County. Quickly, nobody but her Mom ever callsContinue Reading

I’m too nice. I believe in the basic goodness of man. What a good Christian man does is confess his sin and repent. Neesha . . . not so much. Neesha love is poison. She is evil. I tried visiting her at Chippenham Hospital’s Tucker Pavilion. It didn’t go well.Continue Reading

Neesha, Queen of Karinostan. You’ve met Neesha. She’s the perpetually angry, easily triggered woman whose every third word is “racist”. Roses are racist. Daisies are racist. Roaches are racist. Marlboro Red is racist. White people? Born racist and innately evil. Neesha has spoken. Let’s add the word, “innately” because NeeshaContinue Reading