It’s so wrong. Why won’t my magic thinking produce the desired result? I mean, I’m entitled to a harem of SHYTs, a personal and doting chef, like, the total Hugh Hefner life, right? And the downtrodden just need bougie jobs and all the trappings of bougie life, right? Things justContinue Reading

I need a break from the insanity. The world is full-on cray-cray. Extremists have taken over a police precinct in Seattle and declared themselves to be an autonomous zone. It’s a move for a caliphate on our soil. Because our rules suck the CHOPAZ folk are going to make theirContinue Reading

I had a visit from PUDFARB ICE (People’s United Democratic Free Anarchist Republik of Berkeley Immigration and Customs Enforcement). My Dad passed so the fact that I am off the estate living in the capital of racism is a renewed outrage. If I knew what was good for me I’dContinue Reading

My fellow blogger Aubrey Eicher posted an essay on Eve and the apple.” She writes, “When we love, we do not want to do anything to hurt the heart of the person, or in this case, God.” Which are fine words from a young Christian woman writing in 2015. SoContinue Reading