Fresh chicken is evil, hateful and dangerous. We must protest in the streets, riot to battle this evil that will destroy our society as we know it. Fight the white power, fight the patriarchy, fight oppression by the fresh chicken!Continue Reading

Nobody Wins When the Violence Starts I speak from experience when I say that once the fists fly the subject being argued cannot be what it was at the start. Now it must be about the fists or worse. There is another way and further on I’ll tell you thatContinue Reading

1 Timotheum 6:10, “Radix enim omnium malorum est cupiditas quam quidam appetentes erraverunt a fide et inseruerunt se doloribus multis.” Money is neither the answer nor the problem. It is not, by itself, the root of all evil. Money is how we have chosen to conduct our barter to acquireContinue Reading

The highest form of swordsmanship is living so you don’t need a sword. Master your weapon so you live free of the need for a weapon.Continue Reading

Lighthouse Sunset

First Posted 22-Jan-2015 I guess I’m making the very mistake I complain about. Folk ‘sposed to stop being silly when it comes to the phrase, “Climate Change”. I’ve written over 800 words making this mistake. It just seems so obvious that the phrase “Climate Change” means nothing. Oh, and asContinue Reading

So, yeah, porn is some diminishing return. Oh, and parents, this one isn’t kid friendly. You probably want to either not read this or be ready to talk to your kids about it once you & they are done. Back to what I was saying–the first magazine or video rocksContinue Reading