Old habits die hard. I’m trying in 2016 to break the habit of preaching. The ethic among those in recovery is to share. It’s a good ethic. This post is a fail in that regard. A couple years ago I was in love with yelling at anybody in earshot thatContinue Reading

First Posted 22-08-2015 Heard this one? That if we really knew somebody, knew the shame they carry, we would understand why they can’t go to church. They feel shunned. To which, I heard a response, “If you really knew me you would stop worrying about that.” Sunday mornings are aContinue Reading

First Posted 02-Nov-2015 Melissa Harris-Perry, a professor at Wake Forest University and host of her own Sunday Morning news show on MSNBC lecturing Paul Ryan on hard work. Melissa. You can’t be serious. I and Paul Ryan, according to you, didn’t become successful because of hard work. I didn’t build thisContinue Reading