There Ought to Be a Law!

Law fails us. It is what will doom the Muslims who are trying to force God’s hand and bring about the Apocalypse with a hope of bringing on the following paradise. The great revolution and wisdom of Christ is that the resurrected kingdom had to build its temple in the hearts and souls of those who dedicated themselves to a king whose crown was made of thorns.

Here we are again. Another gunman opening fire in a public space, this time in Orlando, FL and this time in a nightclub filled with members of a celebrated protected class–the LGBT. Another mass shooting, another iteration of “we have to do something about this!“. And the something is some policy, some process, to discern the hearts of the cray cray to ensure that cray cray is only that way within certain acceptable boundaries.

Hello, I am one of those who knows that your law doesn’t mean shit. Laws and cops do not prevent crime. First responders, laws, are there to manage the damage and punish the guilty. There have been many in authority who have tried to genocide their way to compliance with the law only to find that the governed turn on them and it is the one in authority who is assassinated. Sharia Law is brutal in its methods for gaining compliance. Where it exists there is the propaganda and the usual non-compliance by those who don’t give a shit. Many wear burkas and in the dark corners violate Sharia Law anyway.

I know this because I am one who has been jailed and shunned for an unpardonable crime–domestic battery. This is a deep sin within the Left, akin to voting Republican. I know what changed for me, what made me safe in spite of my history–God the Father, the Son and Holy Ghost. So, the answer for me isn’t more laws that will be ignored by the lawless. It is a change of heart guided by the old wisdom of the Bible.

I’m not heartless. This should not happen. We should not get quarterly news stories about another gunman opening fire in another public space and murdering more people. It does happen, sadly. That’s not blog-post worthy for me. What is blog-post worthy for me is the +1 iteration of the same script for handling these events that we have seen for the last little while. The proposed solution is the same each time, it is to increase the government’s intrusion into our lives, to make us safe at the expense of our freedom and independence. Which, might be OK if I was free to be a dissident in this rainbow triangle, behind the looking glass, meme & trope constructed empty version of a left-wing utopia. What I do, what I am is not OK. That’s a problem.

It is OK to have tits and go shirtless on a public street in the name of fighting the oppression of Puritan traditions of costume and proper dress. It’s OK to kiss boys in public if you also choose to costume yourself as butch because that’s progress. In fact, public displays of affection are celebrated acts of protest if you declare yourself to be part of the right protected class. It’s OK to wear clothing that is disruptive if you are part of the right protected class.

It is OK to insist that everyone kowtow to you, to insist that they step lightly near your triggers, to avoid being micro-aggressive by asking for a coffee drink from the wrong coffee house or with an unapproved list of ingredients. It is OK to declare that those guys are being racist because they are wearing orange while leaving a Catholic Parish after Wednesday afternoon mass–Catholics are supposed to wear green, everybody knows that. It is OK to get up a protest in front of the Alpha Phi Omega frat because those guys are just innately wrong on their face. The NRA can be stipulated as evil, that’s just obvi.

In the pursuit of orthodoxy we lose our humanity. We become heartless. We forget the beautiful ways that we are broken. No law, no policy, no process will every completely stop my target audience–the minority who don’t comply, who are cray cray, who will do out of bounds behaviors despite all attempts to prevent us from doing so.

This is where the law fails, where the left’s passionate core belief in legalism will stymie them. As long as the blame is laid at some exterior, some other that must be changed so that we can be ok, we will not be ok. There is no change to eliminate us, the consistent minority of malcontents who insist on remaining outliers and troublemakers, who shoot up bars with AR-15’s. No gun law will stop us. No background check or watch list of mentally ill, of us, no pre-crime suspect list, will ever stop us. Jesus of Nazareth understood this. Lao Tzu, in writing the Tao, understood this. Chinese Legalism as a political philosophy is as old as the empire. It still fails and the Chinese revert to Confucianism. If it hasn’t worked for Islam, hasn’t worked for China, why would we repeat the effort and expect different results?

There will be more. It will happen again. Another gunman will open fire on another crowd. We will repeat the same propaganda tropes again. The same civil officials will blather on about the tragedy of it all, how we need to change our laws, change our policy, change something so that this never happens again. And it will happen again.

My words will not be enough. This is a flaw in our spirit, in our character, that is as old as us. The answer isn’t another law. The answer lies within us as it has since the rabbis martyred a carpenter to quiet a rebellion. It’s a feature of many Sunday sermons, that the Jews had the law of Moses and yet, in spite of that law, in spite of the Torah and the Midrash, bad people do bad things to bad and good people. My words won’t change that. Christ died and we are still capable of evil and prove it far too often. If the law was enough then you could expect different. The law is not enough.