A woman is life. She is Venus to my Mars. International Women’s Day was Monday. I didn’t post anything that day about it because I was chicken. I felt like anything I could say complimentary to women would come out wrong. Mansplaining is still fresh on my mind.

If you are of that small, vocal minority of women who insist that all men are phallic pigs in need of a good whipping, sorry. Might I suggest you stop waiting for men to come correct and after some inventory, maybe deal with your own shit? The longer you stay hurt, keep your habits, and remain hung up, the worse it is for you. Men haven’t changed substantially in at least a couple thousand years. The good ones are good and flawed. The bad ones are bad in many well-understood ways. The bad ones get dealt with. Leave the bad men alone. Put yourself among good men. Do you. Take care of yourself. Things do work out for good. I need to move on.

My ex-wife is life for my son. Without her my son would not exist. My part in child-birthing is over in under a minute. Yeah, there is a lot of build-up. Women don’t just flop down and let us in. Some do, but that’s a post for another day. To get to that moment, the one where she is transformed from hottie to Momma, most women need more than an ask. That’s a good thing. I did the ugly bump with her and she got pregnant and you know the rest.

There is no other way to continue my bloodline. I can’t have a kid without also dealing with a woman. She is how we have kids and humans still exist. That needs to mean something. If it’s just sex then IMHO, it’s just ticking down the clock till we move to 6th & Green.

Another of my tropes, that God made Eve as a helpmate for Adam so that Adam could love God more dearly. This is a whole different agenda for Eve from God than what we guys try to tell her she should do. We want a domestic goddess, a sex partner, someone to listen to us tell the same stupid joke again and pretend it’s still funny, and a bunch of other stuff that has nothing to do with church, God. or love. Eve and God’s agenda is almost at cross purposes with ours. That there is strife between men & women? Well, yeah, she’s worried about stuff way off our radar. God’s agenda for us has nothing to do with food, beer, or sex. Total buzz kill from God.

Men are warriors. We are Martians. We live to fight and be victorious. We age, though, and our once brilliant armor and weapons, our steed, all that we had at our pinnacle, one day becomes old junk collecting dust in the garage. We too become shriveled legends of our former selves. To stay light and salt we must accept the many thousand deaths to our old life that time brings us. We must die to what has passed so we can live this moment and each moment as they pass us by.

Young men, as yet fathers, will fight me on this. They are still virile, still in the hunt for her, the one who will bear their children. Good on them. I am not so young anymore. My son is grown and the baton has passed to him. These are the words of a father cresting the mountain pass between my former fertile valley and descending into the river basin of the Styx.

Woman, you were given to us by God so that we could be more than phallic pigs. You were given to us to be the life to our warrior, deadly ways. You make us more than we could be alone. You are beautiful, from babbling babe to tottering old. I celebrate you today and every day. After all, because of you, I have my son.