In Praise of Women, Again

First Posted 20-May-2015

The sequence of the restored posts isn’t what it was in the prior version of this blog. I wrote “Women Are Awesome” forgetting that I’d written this post, In Praise of Women.


I have plenty of company here. I am neither the first nor the last to plant my flag on crowded turf. I doubt what I’ll post here will be terribly original. The vast majority of popular literature is about love, about women in one way or another. Boy meets girl, blah, blah, blah. Or boy breaks up with girl, girl breaks up with boy . . . the same story retold a gajillion times in a gajillion variations. Women are amazing. Simple as that.

One of my tropes: that God made Eve for Adam as his helper. But . . . God’s idea of help and Adam’s idea of help are not the same. So there is some conflict between Adam and Eve. The whole apple & serpent thing as well. But this post isn’t about how Eve fucked it up. I’m not that guy. I’m not the one holding a faux grudge against women because the whole Bible narrative starts with a snake tempting a woman who tempts a man into eating an apple. I love women, maybe more than I should. The sin in Genesis was one of hubris, of crazy pride, of believing that we didn’t need God. Anyway, Adam could have said, “no.” He didn’t. Boom.

This post is me, vamping, because the whole post is a three word sentence, “women are amazing”. I keep being amazed at how God puts women in the lives of men who are exactly what that man, what I need, at that exact moment. It’s not orthodox or canonical–the Lilith story. It is telling, though that her story stuck around. Adam’s second wife is Eve, so the story goes. His first wife, Lilith, would not relent, to the point of uttering the unspeakable name of God and flying out of the Garden as an owl. Eve was 2.0, a little more docile, clever, smarter and checkmated him.

I’m ducking my premise. Women are amazing because they are beautiful. Women are amazing because they have a God given intelligence that seems perfect for what He needs of us. The curve of her hips, the shape of her eyes, the ways she moves, I know what goes here, the smile on her lips when she looks at me, it’s all amazing. I haven’t met my new soul mate. I thought I met her in Julie some years ago. But we broke up. I married a Triad Princess, so say some of my friends, not a soul mate.

And that’s my problem. I am so overawed by Eve, by what God did in making her, that all my crazy, passive agressive, hiding in obtuseness, comes out. I feel like I’m talking to God in talking to her. So I get weird, can’t write, can’t talk, cat has my tongue. I don’t know how this ends. Most of my tropes are here on this blog. I posted them. So, now, beyond post 200, in praising women, I’m blocked. I got nothing. Which, I hope, is where I’ll find her, find Him, and discover what else there is to say, awkward and all. Women are amazing.