Martin Luther Holy Woke

Yo, are you holy woke, bro? Yes? By how much? Are you genuinely holy woke, tho? Have you identified your grievance, malady, and kink? Nobody cares about pronouns anymore. That’s so yesterday. Did you submit your GMK choices to the PUDFARB Committee on Compliance, Karen? What was the verdict? ToContinue Reading

Some say Jesus is a Socialist. I say no. If anything, Jesus was an anarchist. Lumping Jesus with Socialism bugs the crap out of me. So I wrote this. It all hangs on one verse: Acts 2:45. I’ve listed 5 of the 18 related verses below. Next, this post isContinue Reading

You Can Blame Me It seems that the reason so many are so miserable is me. My adjectives, WASP, cis-hetero male, from parents who busted their ass to give me a better life, makes me bougie and bougie is evil. Being bougie means that my existence is a sin. So I oweContinue Reading

You Can’t Repent. You are Irredeemable. Oprah, Queen of Kleenex has declared this. She has sent forth her Amazonian Army to castrate you. You need to get used to being a monster in the eyes of the Queen.  Being castrati won’t be enough. There is another who made a Way.Continue Reading

Anger feels good. It’s an adrenaline rush. You can aim it at a news story, get all fired up, tweet your friends, spend a few hours with a couple of hundred like-minded folk facing down riot police, good times. There are enough stories that reach the headlines about brutality byContinue Reading

Socialist Christ

First Posted 30-Dec-2014 My Dad has become a troll. He does this thing at least once each time I visit him. He’ll throw a macro-aggressive statement out there to trigger me. Sometimes, when I was younger, I flung words back at him. These days, though, I’ve learned to dodge his rhetoricalContinue Reading