The Grind, Repeat Before I get back to Inger’s Finger I need to talk about something. It’s something I saw in myself and in other cab drivers when I was a yungin. We all start the same way. Young and naive, full of energy and surety that we can slayContinue Reading

Rusty Checker Cab The Truth Shall Set You Free

Bad Cab Oakland in the 1980’s was a bad place for a good cab. Taxi Unlimited was a front for marijuana growers. Transportation was a side business for the collective. Providing a beard to growers so they could launder money was its primary function. Even with that it failed. DianneContinue Reading

That would be me. Roger, a cook at the now defunct Richbrau, formerly of 14th and East Cary Street in Richmond, Va., gave me that name. I got it because I’d run on about some piece of tech I was enamored with, or some bit of pop-psych I’d picked upContinue Reading

First Posted 02-Aug-2015 That guy, James Rustler? He’s had a few aliases. I think that’s the one he uses these days. There was another one from a few years back when he came home broke after flying to Thailand to meet a girl who promised him a happy ending. TheyContinue Reading

First Posted 04-Sep-2015 Some years ago I told my buddy James Rustler about a late night run to Sacramento from Berkeley while I was a member of Taxi Unlimited. The ride itself was uneventful, the best kind as a cab driver. My fare wasn’t very talkative. All I could getContinue Reading