The Debrief

Buffet at Wynn The Debrief

I said Sal would give the debrief. So here we go. To recap, it’s a month or so after Sal and his family executed their escape plan from PUDFARB. They are in Paradise Valley, NV at the casino. It is Sunday. Sal and his family are eating breakfast in the casino’s American Cafe. Inger and Neesha are there.

Sal is one of these: you can’t talk to him while he is eating. Interrupt and demand his attention he glares at you and goes back to his food. Push further and he’ll growl at you. The daily ration inside PAZ was rice gruel. No salt or any seasoning. Pig slop would be better. Only the bougiest of Party Members could even dream of steak tacos. And here they are on Sal’s plate.

This is plate number three–ambrosia salad, corn muffins, mandarin orange supremes, and more bacon washed down with coffee, black. If you fast long enough binging will make you sick. Sal is gluttonous right now. Steak tacos, though. The kids had never seen Fruity Pebbles cold cereal or cow’s milk dispensed in multi-gallon stainless steel dispensers. Their milk was 豆漿 and it was rationed. Cold cereal was anti-revolutionary and thus, unavailable. Stuffed, Sal set down his fork and looked up at Inger, “This place is crazy.”

Colonial PUDFARB

Axiomatic—there must be two classes—proletariat and bourgeoisie. If the lines between these are not stark enough then something MUST change. Since ‘merica is a largely successful nation where most of our poorest are wealthy by world standards we are a problem. Destroying the bougie has been less than successful. So what to do? Create a proletariat as proof that we are an evil empire. Enter Colony Ridge.

The Communist Manifesto was published in 1848. Communism is most successful in nations that have a long history of imperialism. These United States of America, with our capitalist constitutional republic, are frustrating. We are the product of a revolution. The revolutionaries were criminals or criminally rebellious religious zealots. Our Declaration of Independence is one of the biggest middle finger salutes to imperialism in world history. So those who imagine we will easily kowtow to a Socialist/Communist Dear Leader are deluded.

The war against our capitalist, constitutional republic is at least a century old. Building a virtual socialist utopia through the Internet and Social Media is about twenty years old. No attempt at creating a lasting socialist utopia has survived. Russia, China, and North Korea are all clawing for survival because the money has run out. Our elites in power are desperate because they inflated the federal budget into the trillions and instead of enjoying the fruits of a Socialist Paradise they can’t afford their iPhones.

One Week Later and Fast Broken

It’s been a week since Sal had breakfast with Inger, Neesha, and his family. A reminder: if you have fasted for long enough you can’t just go back to eating normally. Binging after a long fast will make you sick. Did Sal behave himself and eat carefully? No. Sal binged.

I wish this wasn’t true. The folk who are attracted to the fantasy of a doting Dear Leader who will provide every physiological need aren’t your usual well-adjusted normies. Nope. They are edge cases like me. Sal is just nearer to being well-behaved than most PUDFARB/PAZ denizens. You can fail a drug test in PAZ and still be a cop. Also . . . twelve beers a day isn’t a problem . . . because only a very privileged few can afford beer.

You can buy a wristband at the American Cafe that adds beer and wine to your buffet. I don’t fault Sal. Coming from lack and huge frustration just trying to do the right thing and take care of his family to land at Saito-san’s Paradise Valley casino it’s not hard to go on a bender. Joana is a good wife, his kids are good, and Sal’s hangover was epic enough to listen to the docs who told him to take it easy.

Darkness Cannot Overcome Light

PUDFARB PAZ has a wet dream. Their wet dream is to secede from the USA and become a sovereign country. There will be no government in the usual sense. A Committee Chairman will preside over a hierarchy of small people’s committees that will govern the hundreds and the thousands. They will use legacy mainframes running System V connected to Newton MessagePad 2100s to do the heavy lifting. Think WeChat on 1990’s tech.

All physiological needs will be provided for. There will be no police. Party members selected to govern the hundreds can appoint Fealty Advisors who will detain dissidents and send them to ReEducation. Law? LAW! NOBODY NEEDS LAWS! PUDFARB IS A FREE ANARCHIST REPUBLIC! YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO KNOW HOW TO BEHAVE!!!

Yeah . . . no. Funny thing about anarchy and toxic people. It doesn’t work. Toxic people know the law. The law is meaningless to them. Anarchy for toxic people is permission to be evil.

An authentic socialist has to become an addict. Karl Marx was a drunk. His manifesto reads like an angry wife’s wish for a good husband. 毛澤東 was addicted to sleeping pills, sex, sadism, and gluttony. We should not be surprised that their ideology results in addiction, depravity, and genocide.

From Fantasy to Nightmare

So, what’s it like in PUDFARB PAZ? Horrible. I poked around Streetview for University & Shattuck. It’s not bad. Inside PAZ, though, nightmare. Bodys get dumped along Oxford Street and Piedmont Avenue. Sal’s words, “It sucked. You can’t do your job as a cop. Most everyone can’t get what they need to take care of themselves. You have to pay for things through an app that uses a fake currency, CHAX. CHAX is supposed to be a fiat currency tied to the US Dollar. But the dollar is evil so that makes CHAX evil. Possessing CHAX is a crime as is possessing US Dollars.”

“We owned our house in San Lorenzo because I was the Dear Leader’s bodyman. We could do it because s/he allowed us to ignore the rule about possessing currency and owning property. It is one of the perks of my status in the party.”

“But even we couldn’t get anything we needed through their app. Your score had to be right and it changed constantly. I was in the checkout line at Walmart. When I went into the store my score was fine and I had enough money. Now, at the checkout line, I checked and there were a ton of alerts that anti-revolutionary behavior had been detected. A BOLO was out and an arrest warrant as well. My crime? Shopping at Walmart.”

Uncorked Escalade


Sal talked to his wife Joana and turned himself in. He thought he’d be out in a few hours. He was the sector chief for PAZ. Not so. They kept him for two weeks in a holding cell. Each day a new interrogation and accusation of being anti-revolutionary. Joana reached out to Itzel who passed on the news of his arrest to Saito-san’s security team. He was out within minutes.

Profuse text messages to Saito-san’s team with apologies and groveling. PUDFARB/PAZ elites are regulars in the Paradise Valley casino. They can’t afford to pay cash for what they get in gaming, food, and companionship. So they pay in political favors. Sal was a pin cushion until casino security inquired about him.

Sal is good. His family is good. Father Thomas is case managing them. Recovering from PUDFARB will take time. In the meantime, Inger found an amputated finger in the back seat of an abandoned Cadillac Escalade.