First Posted 08-Sep-2014 You baby, hey baby, yo. Y’know, we could maybe be two, Waddya feel, baby? Oh Sweet! Friday, Friday, Saturday waffles & fried chicken, recovering. And some more and some years and oh baby? I wanted to ask you something. Would you be mine, forever? I never knewContinue Reading

First Posted 24-Sep-2014 At the end of the road,Down behind the house,Go further, beyond the hay barn,Further still, past the stables,A rundown shack, something like a toolshed.By its faltering walls,The laughter of children flittersLike spring breeze blown butterflies.The air full of work songs,The name of Jesus marking the downbeat,Someone namedContinue Reading

First Posted 30-Sep-2014 They remain, every spring a new blossoming. The marigolds and black-eyed-susans in bloom, Their scent, their colors, petals soft and sweet. Some with seeds I can eat, Others hot with summer’s passion, Showing a little stigma but not too much. They look at me less now, I,Continue Reading