You Baby, Yo.

First Posted 08-Sep-2014

You baby, hey baby, yo.
Y’know, we could maybe be two,
Waddya feel, baby? Oh Sweet!
Friday, Friday, Saturday waffles & fried chicken, recovering.
And some more and some years and oh baby?
I wanted to ask you something.
Would you be mine, forever?
I never knew a cake could be so complicated.
It’s a fricking cake.
How hard is it to buy ONE WHITE DRESS?!
I’m not . . . it’s not . . . hard for me to be vulnerable, seriously.
I forgave her, so can we just let it go?
Cancun? Two weeks? I’m down with it, yo.
Wait? Canapes and little crackers with bacon and cream cheese cost how much?
Oh. Yes, baby, I love you.
Out of the monkey suit, now it’s more day every day,
To work, kisses by the door, come home,
jeeze, all you do is throw it in the microwave,
How hard is that?
You put the silverware in the door of the dishwasher, everybody knows that.
And the toilet paper roll is hung so it hangs over, not under.
My Mom always made mashed potatoes with potato flakes.
Why do you leave the skins in?
God is Jewish. Yes he is. YES HE IS!!
I’m sorry baby. I love you.
Oh baby, Oh, Oh baby, OH, OH BABY OH, OH, OH!
Yes, baby. You peed on a stick? You’re pregnant?
Whoa. Uhm, that’s great.
Uh oh. I didn’t mean it like that.
I’m sorry baby. I love you.
And so it goes.
I’d write more but my son is calling.
He wants to know how you tell if the bottle is the right temperature.
He was wondering if there was an app for that.
My daughter-in-law keeps saying my son gets it wrong,
You put a drop on your wrist and you’ll know.
And so it goes.
My daughter in law called from the hospital.
My granddaughter, the sweetest thing,
They thought it was just the flu,
But then the tests came back.
Stage 3 Leukemia. Oh crap.
Docs say they can treat it.
Oh God, no. God, please, no.
And so it goes. And so it goes.
My granddaughter graduated high school,
As the paramedics took me to the hospital,
For another session to add another stent.
My wife, the one who loads the dishwasher wrong,
Cussing at me for choosing today to have a heart attack.
Saying, “Oh, baby, no.”
And so it went, and so I go.
I love you baby, yo.