Listless Listed

Happy New Year 2015

First Posted 29-Dec-2014

So, it seems that an easy out in a space like this is to use WordPress to publish lists. Sort of like phoning in a blog post. You come up with a list of oh, 10 Ways to Win the Lottery, 10 Naked Celebrities or 10 Spectacular Dashcam Crashes or whatever and instead of putting in the work of having a thought composed into a reasonable essay, the list, once composed, becomes the day’s blog entry.
It being two days left of the current year I figure I’d be remiss if as a blogger, I didn’t add to the pile of stupid lists with one of my own. So, my list of 10 random things:

  1. There is no logical reason to believe God exists. Stop asking.
  2. Stuff happens. Bad stuff happens to good people and good stuff happens to bad people. Why? Why not? Get over it. I’ll stipulate the whole free will bit and ignore the trolls who would debate that. It’s my bedtime and I’m not that drunk yet. Working on it.
  3. Best place in Richmond, VA to eat Barbeque? None. No Everett & Jones here. Buz & Neds isn’t bad. If you are in Denton, TX, Rudy’s is good.
  4. Best burrito? Berkeley, Ca. “Ay Caramba”
  5. Favorite pants? Lately, the Wrangler Khakis I get at Walmart.
  6. Favorite web site for more stupid questions and inane answers:, all day.
  7. Best thing to do on a Saturday morning? As little as possible.
  8. Ideal comfort food? Macaroni & Cheese made with Velveeta and heavy cream, served with red hots and beer.
  9. Best movie this year? God’s Not Dead.
  10. Do what Mother Theresa said, small things with great love. Let that be enough.

Ok, the list is done. Oh, and since this will publish on New Year’s Eve, a repeat of something I’ve said elsewhere. Take some cash with you tonight that you won’t spend until you need a cab or a ride. If possible, take at least a hundred dollar bill with you. Then, when you find your ride, be it a cab or rideshare like Uber, use the benjamin to pay for the ride (or tip the driver). Be safe out there. Happy New Year!