Oh No You Didn’t

Oh Yes I Did. I wondered what some sacred cows of the RVA protest crowd might be. This bunch foments a childish, petulant wish for an impossible utopia they call anarchy. Anarchy seems to be a code-word for “you must follow my rules but I don’t have to follow yours.” Many of them are getting old enough that the “party-like-a-rock-star” shtick is not cute any more. Below is a list of what I hear as sacred cows:

  • It’s not my fault.
  • I be put upon. I be miserable because I am oppressed by the man.
  • Blow it up. Destroy Washington D.C. We don’t need no stinking government.
  • I am entitled to whatever self-indulgent whim suits my fancy. The man needs to take care of me.
  • You can’t mess with my iPhone. My social media accounts are sacred.
  • Cops are evil on their face. Anything done to the cops is fair game.
  • If I say it is a right, it is a right and the government needs to enforce my right to have it.
  • Everyone that disagrees with me is a hater.
  • My tribe is proper. Everybody else is evil and must be destroyed.
  • Y’all need to protect me from micro-aggressiveness and things that trigger me. You figure out what I feel is micro-aggressive and/or triggering.

I’m a boomer father of a millennial son. The list is based on what I hear from my millennial friends in the protest community here in Richmond, VA. I post it because it’s important to hear how y’all are being heard. If it is what you intended, cool. If it isn’t, maybe check your narratives.