Satan Ain’t Got Nothin on God

Cape Hattaras Lighthouse at Night

First Posted 25-Sep-2014

Satan has it going on. He’s got a nice thing working. No prob with repenting. No need to tithe. All his desires, worldly or otherwise fulfilled. No food deserts. You are what he eats. Christians are especially tender and taste good with bbq sauce. Christians are harder to get, though, so when those are not possible he’ll eat whomever he can get.

He uses whatever will work to make us/you the entrée on his dinner menu. Whatever you want, whatever will get you to hang yourself in the smoker to be slow roasted until succulent and tender, is in play. Women? Wine? Food? Misery? Ecstasy? Material Gain? Asceticism? Faith in Christ? Love of God? Resentment? Hostility? Love? It’s all just tactics to him. The goal remains to enjoy your slow smoked, mop sauced soul with a light beer.

Lucifer is the prince of death. He is the dark to God’s light (Why does it have to be dark? Why are you using that word? Are you racist?)–be quiet. He is salt that has lost its taste. He cannot create, only consume and destroy. He is not entirely without beauty or his own brand of love. He has been and can be generous if it brings you closer to the dinner plate . Everything he gives you is a marinade preparing you for his smoker. You taste good with Carolina BBQ sauce. A woman sent by Satan can give you sex, even love you, but she will never be as good as what God can bring you in a wife. His wine is the best there is but pales to that which you’ll find in the communion cup.

The dinner menu at Satan’s restaurant is vast and wonderful. It’s all there. Whatever you want, as picky as you like, and his chefs will prepare it and the wait staff will serve it and it will be the best meal you ever had. It can never be the eucharist, though. It’ll never be as good as that. As good as Satan may be able to make things, he can only work with what has already been created by God. He can transform what exists or destroy things but he can’t create anything He can’t create life, can’t resurrect life, can’t restore the temple in his followers or bring about the resurrection kingdom. Satan can only eat you and do what is necessary to get you to agree to be eaten. Maybe enough, but what God can do is so much more. I spent some time at Satan’s Place washing dishes. It was what I desperately wanted at the time. Satan let me eat the shrimp & grits on my break (super, super good!). I could have walked off my station, stepped around the corner, been provided with dinner clothes, a date, and been celebrated as the restaurant’s best customer. I don’t like being eaten, though. Hurts. I turned to God, to a cot in a church social hall as a start, down the trail less traveled by, and that has made all the difference. I’m so happy I did.