Happy Year of the Rooster! I got me a 9mm, 12-gauge, full-auto, laser-sighted, led flashlighted bad ass paintball gun and I am going to murder against these wussies.Continue Reading

Street Preacher

First Posted 24-July-02014 We’ve made a mistake at our church. In gathering some information about our neighbors, we ended the assessment with, “Tuckahoe Tom and Grove Avenue Gladys have yet to realize that the only way to ultimate joy and fulfillment, and to eternal life, is through Jesus Christ asContinue Reading

First Posted 16-Jan-2015 2-Feb-2016, Richmond, Va.—It’s a bit curious to be editing this a year after I first posted it. At the time I wrote it I was a month into another job search. As was true last year I was one of those without an income and struggling toContinue Reading