Last week the news was agog with a law passed in Indiana declaring that government could not force someone to do something where that something conflicted with religious beliefs. The thing that really bugs me about the controversy is that it is a double standard. Here we are again whereContinue Reading


First Posted 15-Apr-2015 I’m one of the good guys. I believe that everyone I deal with will play by basic rules I don’t have to worry about. It makes me very nervous to think about an opponent who isn’t polite, won’t behave in expected ways, and may not be inContinue Reading

This is funny to me. Siderea describes asshole filters here. She finds it epiphanic that there are assholes afoot and that you can behave in ways that filter out other people to leave only the assholes. Siderea, baby, hey, yeah, uhm, I’m one of those, one who would be leftContinue Reading