Teach Them to Hate

That’s going to be awesome! Teach Them to Hate Themselves and everyone else. Teach Them to Hate their bodies and that the answer is to take medication and accept cosmetic surgery that transforms them into Lebensborn. Find the things that let you say, “I Hate X“.

Die kommunistische Partei insgesamt! Marx ist der erste Gott!

Critical Race Theory is a Law School class not taught in K-12 schools, some say. The K-12 curricula on history correct systemic and historic white privileged and racist lies. It is crucial that our children learn the evils of White People and their historic oppression of the downtrodden. That’s not CRT, that’s a fact. Teach them to hate so that they can battle the White Devil and thrive!


Jesus is the Way, full stop. “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ The second is this: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these”, Mark 12:30-31. Whatever the pseudonym for Marx/Maoist exegesis of our history it is still evil. The Woke True Folk (WTF) keep shifting the language, changing names to protect the guilty, and lying to us. When CRT became understood they changed the terms and kept on teaching Maoism. The WTF wants us to abandon God, hate our neighbors and ourselves in the name of Progress. Teach Them to Hate? No.

Hate and darkness will never get it done. Darkness cannot overcome light. John 1:5, “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” No amount of outrage or tantrums can change objective truths about the reality we live in. Let’s start with, some people behave badly. Some of those people do criminally bad things. So we have a criminal justice system to adjudicate disputes and prosecute bad actors. Or that violence begets more violence. Last, gravity is reliable. You drop something and it falls.

Yes. My anarchist brothers. We have free will. We can ignore polite conventions and do as we please. It works for a while but like many things born of darkness, time is unforgiving and we find that our whims hurt us more than we would like. It may be anti-revolutionary to honor our parents, love our neighbors as ourselves, and treat others as we wish to be treated. But dishonoring our parents, hating our neighbors, and treating others as we wish they would not treat us becomes problematic soon enough. Not to mention common prohibitions against stealing, fucking other people’s partners, killing, or stealing things that don’t belong to us.

Give Me Revolution or Give Me Death!

And still, if you want clicks and popularity, one sure way is to fuck your friend’s partner, steal their clothes and wear them, then throw a tantrum once confronted. Be sure to get all that on video and post it to TikTok. Evil is bad but it is sure as hell entertaining. I know, bae, you care, so it’s all justified. Besides, your friend is a fucking evil bitch, so there is that. And a MAGA racist, white supremacist, LGBTQIA+ hating, misogynist Karen. So, you know, s/he had it coming.

It fails every time. There is a morning after. The sun rises, the hated one greets the day, and the world is still a shitshow. Murder the hated one? How many bodies are enough? Stalin, Mao, Hitler and others killed millions. The shit show ended? I’m going to guess it hasn’t. Mass shootings still occur. Women are still raped and abused. Children still commit suicide even after being obedient and getting hormone treatment and cosmetic surgery to confirm their gender identity. Satan is still partying hard and making a mess of too many lives.

Why? Because we are not God. We didn’t create this world where both light and dark are in an infinite dance with each other. We have dominion over creation but that authority is limited. Go tell the wind to blow in a different direction. Use whatever incantations, prayers, or spells you think will be effective. Throw a tantrum and demand that God punish that evil Trump MAGA racist asshole on your behalf. “The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth” John 3:8, KJV

Peace Dove Teach Them to Hate

Give Me Peace

Try this–let go and let God. Surrender. Observe the things in your life that separate you from harmony with God and ask Him if these ought to be allowed to die. Instead of teaching them to hate, die to the world and begin to live in Him. Right, right. More Christian bullshit from a wife-beating WASP whose ancestors stole land from Native Americans. I have no right to suggest this. In fact, I should be persecuted for my whiteness and privilege. Damned straight!

Name a Communist/Socialist/Progressive hero that wasn’t crazy, criminal, or addicted. All of the ones I know were at least one of those adjectives. At the core of Progressivism is codependency. Things must behave in a pleasing way so the revolution can succeed and the promised pastoral utopia will come to fruition. The forefathers of this vision for humanity were all evil to one degree or another. They are/were the sons/daughters of darkness. So it follows that their pseudo-religion would be born of darkness. Further, its disciples echo this darkness and are commonly crazy, criminal, and/or addicted.

Let’s get into Critical Race Theory. CRT is what prompted this post. The first claim is that it isn’t taught in any K-12 schools. It is. Governor Terry McAuliffe’s Department of Education instructed public schools to embrace CRT in 2015. In January 2022, Governor Glenn Youngkin issued an Executive Order banning the instruction of CRT in Virginia public schools. So it isn’t permitted as of this post. But it was for seven years. The next fight is over the definition of Critical Race Theory.

Red China Flag Teach Them to Hate

Only Progressive Facts are Factual

CRT as it has filtered down to K-12 classrooms is a frame on our history that attempts to explain the past through Maoist terms. There are brown people who are deemed to be oppressed and white people who are deemed to be oppressors. These designations cannot be changed. If you were born to a brown family then nothing you do in life can remove the scarlet letter stain of oppression. Ditto classification as white. Whiteness is a curse on you because you trace your ancestry back to Europe’s slave trading nations.

Say all day that you are not racist, that you love everyone and treat everyone the same. If your ancestors came over on a boat from a nation that traded in slaves, you are a racist. Your denial is proof of your unconscious racism. Performing a self-confession and apologizing is proof of your endemic racism, you hateful, MAGA Trumpster.

Yes, it’s not that simple. CRT is taught in law school as a way to recognize the influence of cultural and social narratives around race. And if it were not rooted in hate I’d have no problem. But the way it has made its way into popular culture is rooted in hate. And what kids hear when it is taught is that they are screwed. Either it is their fault their classmates are not performing to standard or they are the underperforming students cursed by their brown skin and ancestry. That’s a horrible thing to teach.

Old Ways Are Still Good

Hillel said, “That which is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow.” Jesus flipped it and said, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Confuscious is quoted as saying, “不要對別人做你不想別人對你做的事.” A modern framing, “Treat others as you wish to be treated.” The answer to racism is simple. Treat people as you wish to be treated. Similarly, we teach people how to treat us. So if your mind is buzzing with words about how you are either to blame for the misery of others or that others are the cause of your misery there is a simple answer, forgive and give grace first.

It’s been twenty years since I started evangelizing the Golden Rule. I rail against Maoism and all its flavors. CRT is our iteration of Maoism and the fight to destroy light. I won’t go on again about how forgiving my son’s mom, my parents, and many others was a big part of why I’m not either dead or in prison. Nor how giving grace first became an anchor for me that allowed me to heal and grow into who I am today. Giving grace first saved my life.

No, I want to end with something else. A big part of what this blog is about is story and the way it both reflects and influences us. Narrative psychology is central to why I spent a decade writing over 330 essays and stories so far. I had to change the way I told my story so I could forgive and give grace first.

Tell It True

You can tell our history and the things we’ve done which need reckoning in ways that foster light. You can also tell it so the narrative frame keeps the pot boiling and enslaves us to the sins of our past. It really pisses me off when someone tags me as bougie and thus oppressor. Out of that one word comes a vomit of curses built entirely of the utterer’s making. I am no longer a man. I am an avatar made of the utterer’s words created to make me an object worthy of their anger and resentment. This verbal puke mutes me. Nothing I say gets through this firewall of words.

I imagine it is similar for someone encountering another and is tagged as oppressed. The skin tone and body features mark them as brown or black and knowing nothing of them, they are assigned a narrative as descendants of slaves. Out of that comes a carpet bag full of stereotypes as victimized, pitiful, and unable to thrive in the places they find themselves. The oppressed can’t be at fault for their own behavior or circumstances. No, it is the oppressor, someone like me, that chains them to the bottom rungs of Jacob’s ladder.

Awful. And simple things that our Memaw or Ma or maybe Pawpaw or Pa taught us to do make all the difference. “Two ears and one mouth.” Shut up and listen. Don’t just listen for ways to attack and bully people into your frame of reference. Let their words penetrate the wallpaper you pasted onto them when you first saw them. Treat them as you wish to be treated.