The Killing Fields Of The 21st Century – Thumotic

Our guide’s name is Leap. He’s a squat Cambodian in his mid-fifties, leading us through the museum’s displays of military hardware and genocide kitsch. Leap’s right leg is a clomping wooden peg. The exposed skin on his arms are covered in bullet and shrapnel wounds. He can’t pivot his arms at the shoulder, and so …

Source: The Killing Fields Of The 21st Century – Thumotic

Revolutions do not come from farms. Niether do they come from the ghetto. Not the wealthy either. All of these have no interest nor ability to foment change. Revolutions come from idle young middle class men who have nothing better to do, no investment in the status quo, and the social mobility to survive the disruption caused by a revolution.

We have a lot of young, idle middle class men who are in a dystopian mood. Something is afoot.