Egg on a Roll

You have to play the rests. God worked six days of seven and rested on the 7th. Oh shut up. I know you, the one who wants to drag me into a fight over whether the 7th day was Saturday or Sunday. Go away. One of the conventions of story telling is that if you start on an emotional high then the only place for the story to go is toward an emotional low. I spend my share of time on this blog yelling about whatever annoyed me that day. This isn’t that.

I love breakfast. I particularly love Sausage Egg McMuffins. On Episode 4 of Season 4 of Mind of a Chef Gabrielle Hamilton talked about “egg on a roll.” It’s just what it says it is: a fried egg on a roll. I bought sesame seed buns, sliced American cheese and of course, eggs. I have a cast iron griddle. A little lard, the egg on the griddle, salt, pepper, top with cheese once the egg is done, put the roll-top on the egg & cheese, then all that is placed on the roll-bottom. Bon goût! Mange le! You can watch the episode below:

Egg on a roll now stands with Texas Breakfast Tacos as my two new favorite things to start my day.