Lets Talk About Sex

Lets talk about sex. I was in High School in the 1970s when all the rage was sexual liberty. Love should be free from the bounds of patriarchal oppression. Women should be able to have sex anytime, all the time, with anyone without consequence. It was just sex. But let’s not stop with just women and men. Everyone can have all the sex they want whenever they want with whomever they wanted without the messy business of a relationship or [HORROR] that dirty word—marriage.

Traditional relationships were so . . . bougie and old. To be one of the fashy crowd you needed birth control. IUD’s, pills, condoms, and diaphragms, were the path to free love. Then who cares? No pregnancy worries. Oh . . . but . . . the possibilities. Lolita. So sexy. The old man wise and capable of providing for the whims of a young and nubile girl in exchange for orgasmic ecstasy.

Yeah . . . well . . . consequences suck. Children are such a drag. Babies? BABIES!!?? Oh god, not babies. All those shit-filled diapers and the feeding EVERY TWO HOURS. How does a parent ever get any sleep? Then, y’know . . . feels. The terrible question, “baby, what are we?” Then the breakup because somebody spoke out of their mouth. But really, babies don’t have to be born. Women can just take care of the pregnancy and get back to free love, right? Feels? Feels are so fem. They harsh on the bliss so just get over that.

Truth is Annoying

The Sexual Revolution is over. Some annoying, timeless, and universal truths would not die. We tried to say that the answer was to make women into men. So orthodox. If women were more like men they’d fuck more, be providers like men, and guys could just stay in the easy chair watching football while she fed us, fucked us, and kept the kids quiet. Super Mom, yo.

No. Actually . . . being a Mom is preoccupying. It is unfair to expect women to carry the whole load. She needs help ensuring the kids have what they need. Guys, you are an asshole if your idea of a woman is a doting mother who will take care of you and fuck you. You put your cock into that pussy and made a baby. You are as responsible for the well-being of that child as she is. Man up.

So the Progressives pivoted. It’s oppressive to ask women to be more like men. So not cool. This was the pivot: guys should be more like girls. If guys were more like girls then they’d behave better. Turns out women are evil in ways that guys can’t begin to compete with. Fun fact: guys emulating girls is a shitshow. And . . . Mom still needs help with the kids. Like it or not, Dad is important to the house and her kids.

Patriotic Drag Queen Lets Talk About Sex

So Fashy

Still, the fashion is to emasculate men. We should get rid of the guys. Schools teach that gender is a social construct. We can identify as any gender we want without consequence. Drag Queen Story Hour is healthy. Because a Drag Queen is less toxic and dysfunctional than a full-on, cis-gendered, hetero-normative MAN. And being a lesbian has fewer issues than dating a toxic white, patriarchal guy.

Yeah . . . so . . . actually . . . no. Sex is about children. The ecstasy of sex is the payoff for the misery that comes with being a parent. Next, there is only one sex that can get pregnant and bring a baby into the world—a woman. Nothing medical science has for us and nothing we’ve said changes that.

Actually . . . you know what . . . do you boo. Live your Woke True Folk (WTF) life. Get a vasectomy or if you identify as fem, a tubal ligation. Don’t have kids. Why? Because you are a tale trying to wag the dog. And if you don’t have children then your toxic fantasies die within a generation. You become a lanced abscess on the ass of the bitch.

So with every thrust of a cock into a vagina nature intends two things: to deepen the bond between the father and mother and make another baby. We have only two primal desires: survival and breeding. A guy can ensure the survival of his genome by impregnating as many women as possible. Men can’t know for certain that a child is his. So the more the better. The Sexual Revolution is a masculine paradise. It is hell for women.

Let’s Talk About Sex, Mom & Dad

There are two kinds of women: Moms and girls. Moms have kids. Girls do not. You can say the same about men. There are boys and there are Dads. This is the only binary divide between the genders.

Boys just want to fuck. They love free love. Sexual Revolution? AWESOME! Dads? clean their guns when the boy dating their daughter comes to pick her up for the first time. I am a Dad. I was a boy until I saw my son’s hair crowning from between my wife’s legs. A minute of my life that changed me. Being a Dad has been the hardest and best thing I ever did.

Girls want to fuck too. But for different reasons. Girls want guys to like them. They hope to move from fucking to love-making to talk of a ring and date to her day when he is hers forever after. We know, ladies, and we use that to get laid—but you probably know that. There is a window in our lives from puberty to about age 29 where the hunger for sex is as strong or stronger than our hunger for food. That primal drive to fuck is LOUD. And yes, some girls never get beyond “just sex”. Those are some sad, empty girls.

Can’t Stop/Won’t Stop

Not many of us can fight off the hunger for sex and make it to the altar with our virginity intact. So . . . for all the talk about, “just say no”, most of us say yes and try not to think about the consequences. I mean, it’s just sex and it’s just one time and except for hangovers and regrets, no worries, right?

Well . . . not so much. Women hit a point at which the truth of motherhood makes them stop believing guys who say, “Baby I love you and it’s just sex.” Because it isn’t just sex. If it works the way it is supposed to it is creating a child. That creative act transforms the partners into parents. Becoming a parent is a one-way door. Once you are a parent you can’t go back. The former life where we were the important people dies. Now, the child(ren) is/are first.

Also . . . we still struggle with addiction. We like to get high and orgasm is pretty fucking high while it lasts. Some of us chase that thrill. Social media and marketers know this. The hope of orgasmic ecstasy is exploited to keep us glued to our devices seeking the next dopamine dump. Problem, though. It’s not healthy. We weren’t made to remain high on dopamine or weed, alcohol, opiates, uppers, downers, or whatever your reptile brain seeks to feel that warm rush emanating from our crotch.

Obama Pimp Daddy

Until Death

So . . . tough life. We are at war. The divide is between those who worship Uncle Sam and those who follow Christ. To be WOKE is to worship government. Uncle Sam, our pimp daddy, will provide for women what they can’t get from men. Uncle Sam, tho, is toxic. Pimp Daddy’s bag man, Lunch Bucket Joe, is pathetic. He can’t do for us the way we need.

The answer? Baal. Baal, though, is death. It demands more of us and with each iteration, gives back less. “Just sex” becomes an addiction that slowly bleeds the life out of us. Advertisers use dopamine hits to drive us to buy their merchandise and have to keep spinning up the crazy to keep sales growing and find themselves in a death spiral. So we get the Balenciaga ad campaigns that descended into toxic and satanic imagery.

Addiction ends in either death or recovery. Our national sexual and dopamine addiction is nearing rock bottom. With the 2022 mid-term Congressional Elections Moms started fighting back against the evangelism pitched to their children that sexual depravity was normal. It’s not over. But the tide against Baal and worship of Uncle Sam is rising. Maybe you hate this: Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life Everlasting. Whatever. Hate it all you want. It’s true.