I guess I’m not done writing about a core theme of this space. The core theme? That story both influences and reflects our behavior, “Rich people are stealing their wealth from peasants. Their history is a bloody stain on the peasants of the world. We have to erase rich peopleContinue Reading

Socialist Christ

First Posted 30-Dec-2014 My Dad has become a troll. He does this thing at least once each time I visit him. He’ll throw a macro-aggressive statement out there to trigger me. Sometimes, when I was younger, I flung words back at him. These days, though, I’ve learned to dodge his rhetoricalContinue Reading

Socialism Educating Alan

I put this in the “Not News” bucket. If you paid much attention in college you know almost everything in this post. You can safely ignore it. This story about Stuart Alsop is amusing: Tesla decides not to sell a car to a customer. Tell me that the community isContinue Reading

First Posted 02-Aug-2015 That guy, James Rustler? He’s had a few aliases. I think that’s the one he uses these days. There was another one from a few years back when he came home broke after flying to Thailand to meet a girl who promised him a happy ending. TheyContinue Reading