She kissed me. Inger kissed me. I haven’t heard from her in a minute. She PM’s me saying she needs to see me. Ok. So . . . I pick her up on Southside. Well, more than that. I did the usual pull-over, get out to open the door andContinue Reading

First Posted 30-Sep-2014 They remain, every spring a new blossoming. The marigolds and black-eyed-susans in bloom, Their scent, their colors, petals soft and sweet. Some with seeds I can eat, Others hot with summer’s passion, Showing a little stigma but not too much. They look at me less now, I,Continue Reading

First Posted 14-May-2015 I was asked if I’m being somehow secretly self-revealing in the use of the name SumYung HotTea and the phrase “horizontal bop”. As much as I have written about how I really don’t think it’d work out for she and I, this writer is suspected of desiringContinue Reading