Back then, Charlie was all that. High school football, adored by cheerleaders, Honors Society student, courted by Ivy League schools, the beaux of Ophie, who was the sought-after bell of the Bal du Bois. He was top ten with a bullet. Today? He lives in the staff dorm at aContinue Reading

Choices have consequences. Yeah . . . we know. We also know that revenge should be a cold dish. One more thing. Piranhas will eat koi. Ophie bought Charlie’s Goochland farm. He left an expensive mess that included an underground bugout shelter infested with rats and cockroaches. It was alsoContinue Reading

Casino Nekkid Ophie

Wait. What!? Nekkid Ophie? How? Where? I write this stuff. The characters I depict are mine. I’m supposed to be omnipotent for them. But I’m not. So annoying. Ophie, the woman I thought was near to a nun, fierce as Athena, and a paralegal, naked? OMG!!! True, it seems. Why?Continue Reading

Charlie neglected the house. His presence was evident in the takeout boxes, snack wrappers, and empty Diet Pepsi bottles. At the eye of the storm of Neesha’s life is a love of artful interior design. Neesha needs a beautiful nest. She lives in Gilpin Court. Gilpin Court is awful. It’sContinue Reading