I started this differently in the first version. We’ll get to that. Before that, because I’ve been homeless more than I’ve not, most of my life the operating assumption is that to be comfortable I need to go out. I am most at home in a cafĂ© or a bar.Continue Reading

A California girl nicknamed Katy who’s father tramped about the west advising miners on safety grew up eating food that you would recognize as Mexican. Her husband brought Humboldt County, Scotts/Irish ideas about food to the house. The food she grew up with was weird to him. Roll the storyContinue Reading

This originally posted on Halloween 31-Oct-2015. The stream of news is ceaseless. Picking a bit of it to write about feels overwhelming. A few weeks ago it burst forth in a spew about another mass shooting and the requisite call for more gun control. I still have that post sittingContinue Reading