Not Tweedly Dumb

An actual lead line: vote for Tina Ramirez in the November election for Virginia’s District 7. She’s better than the tweedly dumb litter of swamp lizards seeking to replace Abigail Spanberger. Quoting Ramirez’s campaign web site, “Tina is committed to cutting federal regulations for small business, protecting life, reforming immigration, making healthcare affordable for the average family, and bringing conservative values back to Washington.” Also, Tina is a human, a mother, and a Christian. She has Mexican heritage. She is not a lizard woman. Her loyalties run red–a problem for blue swamp lizards.

Tina Ramirez

Full Discloser: I know Tina from St. Giles Church. Which makes us married so say the lizard people. There is no middle with them. A handshake and a polite chat after church and the lizards have us deep into baby formula stains on the mini-van upholstery territory.

Komodo Seeks Ketchup

Sorry, no, not yet. I’ll get to why we need Ms. Ramirez in a minute. Certain folk in D.C. have discovered that they can win elections by talking to our lizard brains. Turns out that careful exploitation of our lizard brains can shut down the other less triggered parts of our brain and cause us to believe that 135 years of promises will be fulfilled by one more old white pimp Daddy. So we vote for them. And find out that the old white pimp Daddy is a hungry Komodo dragon asking us if we have any ketchup.

Also, I wrote this. I didn’t have help from Tina’s campaign. Any flames generated by this post should be directed at this web site. Don’t blame Tina for my words. Last, in case y’all forgot, this isn’t a site for fair and balanced factual content. Back to endorsing Ms. Ramirez.

This is why you should vote for Tina Ramirez: she’s not just another swamp lizard. Spanberger and the six lizards are all part of the swamp in the Executive Branch that feels Trump as an existential threat to their fiefdom. Trump broke the tradition of leaving alone the stench in the swamp and for that he’s cast as the devil himself. Ms. Ramirez’s change threatens the cozy life of the swamp. For that, we should elect her.

A Human Woman for Congress

Tina is a teacher who founded Hardwired, a non-profit that promotes religious freedom through training leaders. She’s a foreign policy expert who has testified before Congress and spoken before the United Nations and the African Union.

I’ll tell you why this matters to me. For 135 years we have been told that the answer to our miseries is more Mao, more Cultural Revolution, more government that will cradle to grave sate every hunger, satisfy every need, and make us safe from every nightmare. We are spending almost 5 trillion dollars a year trying to spend our way to utopia. Our pimp daddy Uncle Sam is stupid wealthy and all he has for us is a promise that next election he’ll get us our money. Uncle Sam also says that if we don’t love his revolution enough those red lizards will eat us. It’s Uncle Sam that gave us the bruises we hide with a cheap foundation because he said we are lazy and useless.

I’m over being threatened and promised more money. The blue lizards tell me that because I am an old WASP I’m the reason they are so miserable—old business on this site. Tina’s intersectionality score is 41. That’s right in the sweet spot where she is suspicious—a good thing. If it were higher I’d be worried.

Tina’s background in foreign policy and advocating for religious freedom has taken her to places where people live on far less than our minimum wage and questionable loyalty to the government could be a capital crime. She knows what oppression looks like. It is not the lack of organic, raised on a collective co-op farm tiny radicchio in our public schools.

Why Tina?

I want Tina because I want someone who will upset the swamp. We’ve had over a century of swamp promises that the government can do for us what we ought to be doing for ourselves. Trump’s sin is that when he said he would drain the swamp he didn’t just move into the white house and get drunk on Stolichnaya. He’s done the things that he promised. You can’t do that in D.C. Tina sounds like she’ll do what she’s promising. I hope so.

The other six candidates are all swamp lizards. Their stripes might be red but it makes no difference. They are part of the problem. We need Tina because she can join with Trump and fellow freshmen Congress members and continue the fight to end over a century of empty blue swamp promises. D.C. is overdue for actual hope and change.

Here is the thing about D.C. I want you to remember. People in D.C. that work in Congress and the Executive Branch are not all humans. Some of them are swamp lizards. Spanberger is a swamp lizard. She’s one of almost two-dozen freshmen members of the House of Representatives elected with big-donor Democrat money. During her campaign, she emphasized her career in the CIA (swamp home of spooks)and as a Postal Service Inspector. Her through-line was that she could make us feel safe and get us what we’d been promised by those Komodo dragons.

Komodo Dragon Close Up
Spanberger’s Funding Manager

Pay the Vigorish

So Spanberger has a political debt to DNC big money. She has made payments on that debt by voting with the majority on the Articles of Impeachment. In a year she has shown herself to be a blue swamp lizard. I don’t think it’s coincidental that the evidence put forward for impeachment is sourced from the CIA and State Department.

Spanberger’s CIA career is relevant because of this: the six tweedly dumbs who want to replace her are all swamp lizard retired special-operators. Whatever she’s doing these former military lizards don’t like it.

When Spanberger was campaigning she was wind and water. Where David Brat was brass tacks she was chiffon curtains covered by satin window dressing. She had a big checkbook from the DNC who sold us the same empty promises we’ve heard for more than a century. Enough about her, though.

Red Swamp Lizards

So let’s review the six swamp lizards who want to replace Abigail Spanberger. First up is Craig Ennis.

Craig Ennis

Craig Ennis
Craig Ennis

Ennis has a listing on Ballotpedia. He was an electrician for Marine Special Operations and a member of the Virginia National Guard. His web site returns a 404 error. He and Ralph Northam look like they were hatched from the same lizard litter.

Nick Frietas

Frietas represents District 30 in the Virginia House of Delegates. He is a former Green Beret endorsed by John Fredericks and Ted Cruz. His big issue is the second amendment. He is an early front-runner based on polling. Frietas spoke to the crowd outside Capital Square on Lobby Day recently.

Pete Greenwald

Pete Greenwald
Pete Greenwald

Greenwald is a retired Navy pilot who flew missions in Afghanistan. Many pretty words. He seems to be more of the same from the red lizards–defeat the blue lizards.

Andrew Knaggs

Andrew Knaggs
Andrew Knaggs

Knaggs is a former Green Beret, Bronze Star recipient, and West Point Graduate. He is a senior official in the Pentagon leading special operations policy. Knags and Greenwald both don’t have a vision beyond defeating the blue swamp lizards.

John McGuire

John McGuire
John McGuire

OOORAAAH!! McGuire represents District 56 in the Virginia House of Delegates. He served for ten years as a Navy SEAL before founding SEAL Team PT. He says on his web site that he, “wants to . . . increase border security, support our veterans, and protect our conservative values . . .” He’s got a lot of red swamp lizard backing.

Jason Alexander Roberge

Jason Alexander Roberge
Jason Alexander Roberge

Roberge is a Coastie and a lawyer. He’s agin gun control and the creeping socialism infecting society. ‘k. That’s easy. Like the other five red lizards, he looked on Wikipedia for “red lizard talking points”, scraped the page and posted it as his campaign web site.

Better than Tweedly Dumb

Tina is the change we need. She’s not just another tweedly dumb swamp lizard. She’s seen the consequences of letting the swamp get bigger. A bigger swamp isn’t the answer after 135 years and a federal budget of over 4.5 trillion dollars. The answer is us, is Tina Ramirez representing us in District 7.

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